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As of June 2, 2021, our central HRE office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to accept deliveries. To help with poster and other advertising drop offs, we have enacted new procedures:

  • Please ensure the posters, table tents, etc. have been approved by HRE prior to printing and delivering by filling out the request form below.
  • Once approved, please drop off items to the HRE central office.
  • Face coverings are encouraged to enter our vestibule and office.
  • If delivering between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., we ask that you deliver to one of our front desk office staff members. If delivering outside of these hours, please place the items on our distribution rack that lives in the vestibule.
  • For posters, we ask that 150 be delivered in a stack to our office, and we will stamp, sort, and distribute them.
  • If possible, we would highly encourage groups to use University Print & Mail for printing and delivering to the HRE office.
Housing & Residential Education offers a variety of ways to advertise in our residential areas. Advertising with HRE has no cost but is limited to University departments and registered student groups. For more detailed information regarding advertising policies and procedures, including quantities, dimensions, timeframes, and more, please view our complete advertising document here:HRE Advertising Information

HRE Advertising Request Form

Fill out this form to request to advertise with HRE. Advertising is limited and approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Note: Must be a University of Utah department or registered student organization.


  • Posters
      • Placed in residential buildings and common areas, including the Peterson Heritage Center and Kahlert Village
        • Note: We do not place posters in The Hangar (first floor) of Lassonde Studios. Posters will be placed on the residential floors only.
  • Table Tents¬†
      • Small flyers placed on table tops in residential dining areas, including the Peterson Heritage Center, Lassonde Studios' Miller Cafe, Honors Market in the PHC, and Kahlert Village
  • A Frames
      • Placed in high traffic areas throughout Heritage Commons
  • Lawn Signs
      • Placed in high traffic areas throughout Heritage Commons
  • UBN Screens (Digital)
      • Advertising on digital screens located in the Peterson Heritage Center, MHC lobby, Kahlert Village, and the HRE central office
  • Floor Stickers
      • Placed in the entrance of the Peterson Heritage Center and near the elevator bank in Kahlert Village
  • Banners
      • Placed in the lobby of the Peterson Heritage Center or near the PHC shuttle stop
  • Social Media
      • Shared on the Housing & Residential Education social media accounts (@uofuhousing) via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

For questions, please reach out to the HRE marketing team at marketing@housing.utah.edu. Note that responses may take up to five business days and are processed in the order they are received.


We will not accept advertising requests from non-university-affiliated departments or groups.

All designs must include:

    • An official University departmental or student group logo
    • Contact information in the form of either an email, phone number, or website

Housing & Residential Education reserves the right to reject artwork that does not reflect the standards outlined in the advertising document above.