Waitlist Offer Progress

First Year

  • Gender Inclusive Housing Rooms - All students on the waitlist received an offer
  • Female Rooms - Currently Offering to students who completed their waitlist application on July 26th
  • Male Rooms - All students on the waitlist received an offer

Upper Division 

  • All students for all genders on the waitlist received an offer

Last update: July 31, 2023

Housing & Residential Education strives to manage student applications and reservations in a timely fashion to help students who are on the waitlist to be able to live on campus.  We are unable to guarantee housing for all students.

Note: In an effort to offer spaces more efficiently, students will receive waitlist offers through their University email (UMail) and have two business days to reserve a room.


Upper Division Waitlist

  • Students who applied by the January 16 deadline but do not receive housing will automatically be waitlisted. If a student is waitlisted, they will know their exact waitlist position. Waitlist information will be shared no later than February 17.
  • Students applying after the January 16 deadline will have to apply to the Fall 2023 waitlist in Housing U. Waitlist position is determined by the date your waitlist application is complete.

Upper Division and First Year

  • Only certain housing scholarships, such as the Presidential scholarship, are prioritized. Please call our office with questions. The Office of Financial Aid shares prioritized scholarship recipients with HRE.

Waitlist Offer Process

  • Students who receive an offer from the waitlist will receive communication via their University of Utah email (i.e. Umail). Students will have two business days to select an available room in Housing U.
  • If a student receives a waitlist offer but does not reserve a room, the student is removed from the waitlist. Students may rejoin the waitlist at the bottom of the after-deadline waitlists.


Throughout the reservation process, students self-reserve available spaces via their application in Housing U. The waitlist will not open until all rooms are reserved.

For the 2023-2024 academic year:

Being on the waitlist is not a guarantee of a room. Our team works to offer students on the waitlist an available space as soon as they become available. We appreciate your interest in housing and are happy to answer any questions as you prepare for the fall.


  1. Log in to your Housing U account.
  2. Once you have logged in to Housing U, enter the “Application” tab and select the Fall 2023 waitlist.
  3. Once your waitlist form is complete, you are automatically added to the waitlist according to your submission timestamp.


    • The waitlist is not LLC/TC, room type, or location-specific; it works on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • The waitlist is for students WITHOUT a housing reservation.
    • Roommate groups are not applicable to students who are not on the waitlist. If you made a roommate group prior to joining the waitlist, it is unlikely that you will receive a space with those roommates.
    • All waitlist correspondence will be sent to your UMail account and the preferred email on your account (if listed in CIS). Be sure to check your email often for updates.
    • If you sign up for the waitlist and would like to be removed, please email or call 801-587-2002.


Waitlist applicants are categorized based on their academic classification with the University and the gender of room the student indicates they want in the housing application. This results in the following waitlist groupings:


Waitlist applicants are categorized based on their classification with the University and placed onto one of nine different waitlists:

      • First-Year: Female Rooms
      • First-Year: Male Rooms
      • First-Year: Gender Inclusive Housing
      • Upper Division: Female Rooms
      • Upper Division: Male Rooms
      • Upper Division: Gender Inclusive Housing
      • Graduate: Female Rooms
      • Graduate: Male Rooms
      • Graduate: Gender Inclusive Housing


Permanent room offers are based on cancellations and availability, which makes it difficult to set an exact day when offers will be made. All offer emails are sent to the applicant's UMail account with details on how to reserve a space. Applicants will have two business days to reserve a room, meaning they will need to log back into Housing U and pay the $200 reservation fee. Students receive one waitlist offer. If a student does not reserve a room at the end of their offer window, they are removed from the waitlist. Students may rejoin the waitlist at the bottom of the entire waitlist. Being on the waitlist is not a guarantee of a room.


Q: Can you tell me my waitlist placement?

Students will see their waitlist position on the homepage of Housing U if they are on the pre-deadline waitlist. Students who applied after the deadline will see their timestamp.

Q: Waitlist timing

We do anticipate cancellations over the course of the summer, but especially around May 1, June 1, and July 1. We may have a better idea of how many cancellations we have received and what students are still on the waitlist at this time.


Have more questions about the waitlist? Watch this video to learn more about the upper-division waitlist process!