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What We Do

We are a resource that students can submit feedback and concerns to. If you have any questions about dining around campus, please email us at dining.committee@housing.utah.edu. If we're unable to answer your question, we'll connect you to the person who can. If you have general questions about housing, please email us at infobox@housing.utah.edu.

Get Involved 

We're always looking for students to join our team! If you're a student interested in accessibility and connecting students with the dining resources they need, please apply to be on the committee! All students are welcome to join the committee at any time regardless of undergraduate or graduate status. Students do not need to be residents to be a part of the Dining Committee. To apply, please email dining.committee@housing.utah.edu.


About US

Fa'amai Taupa'u

Associate Director of Dining Services

Lauren Gleave

Chair over Marriott Honors Community and Kahlert Village

Nick Tygesen

Chair over Lassonde Studios

Richard Monsen

Committee Member

Katerina Excell

Committee Member

Current Dining Updates

You asked for it, you got it! This page will be updated with current dining updates as they come along.