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Emma Eccles Jones Fine Arts House

Emma Eccles music logoIf you’re enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, the Emma Eccles Jones Fine Arts House is an excellent Theme Community option for you. The Fine Arts House is for all Fine Arts majors and seeks to maximize talent and creativity among its community members.  If you live in the Fine Arts House, you will interact those who love both visual and performing arts, and attend galleries, shows, recitals, and performances of your neighbors.  The Fine Arts House has a baby grand piano, a dance room with barre, and plenty of space to practice and create.

Who’s Eligible?
First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students who are part of the College of Fine Arts
Living Learning Community or Theme Community?
Theme Community
Area on Campus:
Officers Circle 607
Associated Courses:
There are no associated courses for this community.
Who Selects Residents?

Selection for the Arts Floor is completed by the College of Fine Arts

How to Apply?
  1. Complete your Housing U Application
  2. Select the EE Jones Fine Arts House
  3. Add supplemental items to application
College of Fine Arts Contact:

Eden Merkley
Liz Leckie
(801) 585-1416