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Use this guide to ensure your room is clean and ready for check-out:

Bedroom and Common Areas
Kitchen (where applicable)
Clear out all belongings Scrub shower walls top to bottom, especially the corners (spray bathroom cleaner, let set, scrub clean) Wipe down walls, top of cabinets
Move furniture back to original placement

Scrub soap scum from shower dish

Wipe counter top, inside cabinets, doors, drawers

Dust all furniture & inside of drawers

Wash off the shower curtain

Scrub stove top & front

Wipe out window sill and dust blinds

Spray down toilet inside and out (spray bathroom cleaner, let set, scrub clean)

Defrost refrigerator, wash inside walls, produce drawers, shelves, door seals, exterior surfaces, and door handles

Window screens are in

Wash under lid & down front below seat

Scrub dish basin

Windows locked

Wash off the tank and clean floor behind toilet

Wash faucets

Wipe down shelf in closet

Clean mirrors & wipe out medicine cabinet

Mop floor (scrub stains with brush)

Carefully clean light switches, outlets

Wash faucets (use non-scratching sponge)

Empty garbage & wash garbage can

Clean telephone, dust vents

Wipe out drawers & cabinets

Take all trash out to the dumpster

Vacuum carpet

Wipe down the counter top

Empty and clean Safe

Empty garbage & wash out garbage can

Wash and clean out refrigerator and return to PHC 1A/1B, MHC desk, or Lassonde Studios desk

Mop floor (scrub stains with brush)

Mop shower area