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When applying to live on campus at the University of Utah, all students are required to agree to the Student Conduct Understanding Form as part of the Housing U application process, acknowledging their responsibility to not only be aware of, but also follow housing policies. Within the HRE community, it is our mission to encourage, facilitate, and support the learning and development of all residents while creating an inclusive and safe living environment.

Our Housing and Residential Education Policies are in place to assist and allow for this to take place. As a member of our community held to these standards, it is therefore imperative for you to familiarize yourself with the following policies and information. These Behavior Expectations/Policies/Responsibilities are applicable to all HRE residents at all locations on and off the University of Utah campus.

Failure to follow these policies and/or act in accordance with University policy may result in subsequent conduct hearings, disciplinary sanctions, and potential eviction. For more information about the Student Conduct Process and behavioral repercussions please see below.

Student conduct process

Residence Hall Agreement – The following is a partial list of expectations from the Residence Hall Agreement which you agreed to when completing your application for housing. These expectations are listed here for reference to those that may result in action via the conduct system if violated.

Housing and Residential Education seeks to address policy violations in a way, which prevents harm, centers learning and encourages student accountability. All violations of HRE policy are addressed through our Student Conduct process which is guided by values of community, fairness, and responsibility. Should you be involved in an incident where an alleged policy violation has taken place, you will receive a “Request to Meet” notice sent to your UMail email account from an HRE staff member. Failure to respond to this request may result in a decision being rendered in your absence and further disciplinary sanctions.

Upon meeting with an HRE staff member, residents will receive notice of the decision rendered, along with any follow-up information or action required. It is important that residents read these notices carefully.

For more information about the University of Utah’s Student Code of Conduct and Student Bill of Rights, please reference the following website:

Failure to Complete Sanctions – Failure to complete assigned sanctions from the HRE conduct process is a violation. It is an expectation that students will complete assigned sanctions from the conduct process. These sanctions are notified through a letter. HRE staff make every effort to support students in completion of sanctions. Failure to complete sanctions can result in a hold on a student’s account, further charges for failure to complete the sanction, and up to eviction.