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Home Living @ the U Resident Policies & Responsibilities

When applying to live on campus at the University of Utah, all students are required to agree to the Student Conduct Understanding Form as part of the Housing U application process, acknowledging their responsibility to not only be aware of, but also follow housing policies. Within the HRE community, it is our mission to encourage, facilitate, and support the learning and development of all residents while creating an inclusive and safe living environment. Our Housing and Residential Education Policies are in place to assist and allow for this to take place. As a member of our community held to these standards, it is therefore imperative for you to familiarize yourself with the following policies and information. These Behavior Expectations/Policies/Responsibilities are applicable to all HRE residents at all locations on and off the University of Utah campus.

Failure to follow these policies and/or act in accordance with University policy may result in subsequent conduct hearings, disciplinary sanctions, and potential eviction. For more information about the Student Conduct Process and behavioral repercussions please see below.

COVID-19 & Community Responsibility

It is our shared responsibility to keep each other safe by following the campus safety precautions outlined at https://www.housing.utah.edu/coronavirus/ and https://coronavirus.utah.edu/.


In addition to the above responsibilities of all University of Utah HRE residents, Block 44 residents are expected to abide by the following additional responsibilities:

  • Patio & Balcony
      • Patios and balconies are to be kept neat and orderly at all times.
      • Do not hang bathing suits, brooms, mops, rugs, lights, etc. on the patio or balcony.
      • The installation of sunshades, blinds, or hanging fabrics is not allowed.
      • No storage of any personal property or trash containers is allowed.
      • All plants must be free standing and have saucers underneath them. Hanging plants are not permitted.
      • No bikes and/or motorcycles are allowed to be kept on any patios or balconies at any time. Unapproved bike hooks are not permitted and will be removed.
      • Only furniture designed for outdoor use is permitted. All furniture with metal legs is expected to have rubber feet or other protective barrier.
      • Resident will not make any alterations to the desk, including but not limited to puncturing the deck surface with any screw, nail, or sharp object.
      • The use or storage of any charcoal burner, liquid petroleum, gas fueled, or any other open flame cooking devices are prohibited in the resident’s unit or on their patio/balcony


  • What about renter's insurance? Renter's insurance is required at U of U at Block 44, but Housing & Residential Education encourages all students to explore getting rental insurance regardless of whether you live on or off campus. Renters insurance typically insures your personal property for loss or damage while living on campus, and many times companies offer discounted student renters insurance plans. Renters insurance can also be available through some homeowners policies as a rider. If you choose a space in U of U at Block 44, here is what you will need to do:
    • You will be required to provide proof of renters insurance before moving in. This may be an additional cost outside of HRE Billing for these spaces, renters insurance cannot be purchased through HRE.
    • Renter's insurance should cover your personal property located at U of U at Block 44, and general liability. General liability coverage may be satisfied by a student providing proof of coverage under a parent's homeowner extension. Renter's insurance should name student and the University of Utah (Housing & Residential Education) as additional interested parties on their renter's insurance policies.
    • Proof of renters insurance for U of U at Block 44 should be submitted to Tammy Metcalf Murillo via email here.


Student conduct process

Residence Hall Agreement – The following is a partial list of expectations from the Residence Hall Agreement which you agreed to when completing your application for housing. These expectations are listed her for reference to those that may result in action via the conduct system if violated. The full Residence Hall Agreement can be found here.

Housing and Residential Education seeks to address policy violations in a way, which prevents harm, centers learning and encourages student accountability. All violations of HRE policy are addressed through our Student Conduct process which is guided by values of community, fairness, and responsibility. Should you be involved in an incident where an alleged policy violation has taken place, you will receive a “Request to Meet” notice sent to your UMail email account from an HRE staff member. Failure to respond to this request may result in a decision being rendered in your absence and further disciplinary sanctions.

Upon meeting with an HRE staff member, residents will receive notice of the decision rendered, along with any follow-up information or action required. It is important that residents read these notices carefully.

For more information about HRE’s conduct process, please contact an HRE staff member. For more information about the University of Utah’s Student Code of Conduct and Student Bill of Rights, please reference the following website: http://regulations.utah.edu/academics/6-400.php.

Failure to Complete Sanctions – Failure to complete assigned sanctions from the HRE conduct process is a violation. It is an expectation that students will complete assigned sanctions from the conduct process. These sanctions are notified through a letter. HRE staff make every effort to support students in completion of sanctions. Failure to complete sanctions can result in a hold on a student’s account, further charges for failure to complete the sanction, and up to eviction.


As stated in your housing application, residents may be evicted from HRE facilities even after a first offense. Examples include:

    • Repeated use or possession of alcohol, to include as few as two times—regardless if you are over the age of 21. The University of Utah is a dry campus.
    • Possession, use or distribution of an illegal drug (including marijuana) or a controlled substance. If it is in your room, your pocket or anywhere else under your control, it is yours. Being in the presence of, or association with, is also a violation of policy.
    • Possession of a weapon, with the exception of a concealed firearm held by a concealed firearm permit holder.
    • Theft.
    • Endangering self or others.
    • Acts of violence: Physically hurting or causing injury to others, sexual assault/misconduct, fighting, pushing/shoving, etc.
    • Tampering with fire safety equipment or devices. This includes, but is not limited to, creating false fire alarms and discharging fire extinguishers.
    • Bomb threat.
    • Failure to keep your financial account current.
        • Payment – Failure to pay and resolve any outstanding housing bills after notification is prohibited.
    • Failure to complete educational sanctions assigned after being found responsible for a residence hall policy violation.
Implications of Eviction

There are several implications of being evicted. Most obviously, is the requirement that you vacate your on-campus housing space. Other implications also include:

    • Restricted access from visiting any on-campus HRE facility including the Peterson Heritage Center.
    • Assuming full financial responsibility for all remaining housing costs.