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At the beginning of each semester, room changes are not allowed for the first two weeks to accommodate late arrivals, cancellations after classes start, and enrollment verification. Be aware that room changes are not available during the summer. After meeting with your RD, the Room Change Request Form is available on the Housing U portal. 

At the University of Utah Housing & Residential Education, our foremost goal is cultivating a welcoming and supportive environment for all students. We acknowledge the significance of feeling comfortable in your room, yet we have specific room change requirements.

Room changes are prioritized when students feel unsafe in their current setting. Requests for preference changes are processed lower on the priority list, and the resident must meet with their Residential Director (RD) before submitting the room change form in Housing U portal. This policy ensures efficient resource allocation and prioritizes every student's safety.

Open communication and conflict resolution among roommates to nurture positive living dynamics is crucial. We value your voice and want to hear your concerns. Our committed staff is available to assist students through any challenges they may face during their academic year. Your Resident Assistant (RA) serves as a primary resource and is trained to facilitate roommate discussions. It's crucial to address minor issues promptly to prevent them from escalating.


  1. Once you've submitted your room change request form, you'll need to arrange a meeting with you Resident Director (RD).
  2. After meeting with your RD, your room change request will be sent to the occupancy team. They will send a room offer to your UMail account.
  3. You can review the offer details and either accept or decline it within the Housing U platform, specifically under the room change request form.
  4. Please ensure you accept your room change offer no later than 12 p.m. on Wednesday. Failure to respond within the given timeframe will result in the cancellation of your room change offer.
  5. Students may receive up to two offers for room changes.  Should you accept the room change offer, your move will take place on the Friday following your acceptance.
  6. You'll be required to relocate to your new room and vacate your previous room with a single day - further details will be provided in your offer email.

For guidance on the cleaning expectations for your previous room, please refer to the information provided on our Move-out page.


IMPORTANT NOTE: During peak occupancy periods, options for changing housing locations may be limited due to space availability.


Your Resident Assistant (RA), Community Advisor (CA), or Community Manager (CM) are here to support you and are equipped with the skills to guide roommate discussions.  Explore further resources in our blog post, "10 Tips for Resolving Roommate Conflicts"


If you discover that your roommate or suitemate possesses a concealed weapon permit and you're uncomfortable residing with a permit holder, please notify the Housing & Residential Education office.  We're committed to accommodating your request for a room change to ensure your comfort and safety.  There's no need to complete the Room Change Request form in this situation.  Your peace of mind is our priority.