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PLEASE NOTE: The daily campus tour offered through the Office of Admissions includes a guided tour through Kahlert Village, a first-year residence hall on lower campus. Please check University of Utah Admissions for tour scheduling. Viewing a residence hall room is not a guarantee and is only shown as staffing allows. Visit the Undergraduate Housing page to view photos and layouts of our spaces, or scroll down below to view virtual tours in a variety of formats.


Our office partners with the Office of Admissions to give a tour of the residence halls through Kahlert Village as a part of the daily campus tour. Tours are scheduled through Admissions. Located on lower campus, Kahlert Village is just a short walk from classes and offers a brand-new dining hall on its first floor. Tours of Kahlert Village show the first-floor lobby and dining hall, one of the residential common areas, and a full suite featuring a single and double room with a connecting bathroom.

The Office of Admissions has also created virtual events to inform new and current students. Click Here to find more information about virtual events.


Heritage Commons

Enjoy a virtual tour guided by one of our Housing Outreach Ambassadors. In the video, explore Getaway Heights; one of our 10 Heritage Commons First Year students communities.

HRE is not currently offering in-person tours through Heritage Commons. Please check back soon for more updates.



For students who would like to tour the University of Utah campus and on-campus housing without scheduling a tour, we've created a self-guided tour route complete with step-by-step instructions, information on each residence hall, and maps to help you navigate campus. The first link below will take you to three self-guided tour options, while the second link will take you to maps with driving directions. Students can tour lower-campus housing, upper-campus first-year housing, and upper-campus upper-division (sophomore, junior, & senior) housing. The tour guides lead into one another so you can tour all on-campus housing, and the tours are most cohesive if you start with the lower-campus tour route.

Self-guided tour routes

Campus Maps

Marriott Honors Community
Get information below. Tours are scheduled through the Honors College.
MHC Tours
Lassonde Studios
Click below. Tours are offered by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.
Lassonde Tours