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At the U, there are a variety of ways to use your meal plan across campus, including meal plan taps, transfers, and flex dollars! See below for more information!

Meal Taps

Students can use their meal taps at two locations on campus: the Peterson Dining Room and Urban Bytes at Kahlert Village. Meal taps are the most common and straightforward way for students to use their meal plans.

Peterson Dining Room

The PHC Dining Room offers buffet-style dining and has the most variety in Heritage Commons. If you have a meal plan, you’ll mainly use your meals here with you UCard, but anyone can dine at the PHC by paying at the entrance. Meal plan changes will only be accepted during the first week of the semester. Have dietary concerns? For most people, we have a solution! Visit G8 in the PHC Dining Room where meals are prepared without the eight most commons allergens: dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, soy, wheat/gluten. Students will also find a vegan-focused station with food prepared by our dedicated vegan chef! We can also address specific questions.

Urban Bytes At Kahlert Village

Our newest and largest eatery on campus! Urban Bytes is an all-you-can-eat dining
room located on the first floor of Kahlert Village. You can use your meal plan here or
pay with card or cash at the entrance. Visit Urban Bytes for a daily rotating menu with a
variety of stations like The Nook - all-day breakfast, Carrots - salad bar, 500 Degrees -
oven-fired pizza, Taqueria – tacos, burritos, etc., G8 – free of the eight most common
allergens, Mongolian Grill, The Game – sports grill, and more!

meal transfer program 

We understand the importance of convenience as you plan out your schedule for the semester, including where you are going to have your meals throughout your day on campus. In an effort to provide greater accommodation, meals will be able to be transferred as outlined below.

What is a transfer meal?

A meal transfer is when you can utilize a dollar value of a meal from your meal plan at another location on campus to purchase food and drinks. If food and drink purchases are over that amount, residents can use flex dollars, dining dollars, cash, or debit/credit for the remaining amount.

Find out more information on meal transfers below.

2022-2023 Academic Year

Which meal plans have meal transfers?

Plan 15
Plan 21
150 Block
40 Block

Please Note: Meal Transfers are not eligible with Plan 8. Plan 8 utilizes Flex Dollars and Meal Taps (Meal Taps available at the PHC Dining Room or Urban Bytes at Kahlert Village only).

What is the meal transfer value?

You are able to transfer a meal by selecting up to the dollar amount below in food and drink purchases only; there are other items sold in the Honors Market that are not food items, such as toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, and medicine, which are not included in the Meal Transfer Program.
Breakfast: $5.75
Lunch: $7.75
Dinner: $7.75
*The typical ticket price for meals was utilized to identify the meal transfer rate.

Where can I transfer a meal?

Lassonde Studios - Miller Cafe

Marriott Honors College - Honors Market

Student Life Center - Shake Smart

Union: Crimson View - 4th floor

The Hive Pizzeria - located in Heritage Commons

When can I transfer a meal?

Students will be able to transfer one meal per meal period to another location, while additional meals within that meal period can be consumed in the Peterson Heritage Center or Kahlert Village Dining Rooms. The Lassonde Cafe is open 24-hours a day, so the meal periods have been identified to take into account the 24-hour operation:
Breakfast: 2:31 a.m. — 10 a.m.
Lunch: 10:01 a.m. — 4:29 p.m.
Dinner: 4:30 p.m. — 2:30 a.m.

An example would be if you use a transfer meal at 8 a.m. at the Lassonde Miller Cafe and then wish to have a later breakfast in Peterson Heritage Center Dining Room, you would be able to use a traditional meal tap. You would just not be able to have a later breakfast in a venue other than the Peterson Heritage Center or Kahlert Village Dining Room(s). We hope you enjoy this new benefit of your meal plan!

Flex Dollars

Students purchase flex dollars as a part of their meal plan. Flex dollars work as a declining debit balance loaded on to students' University ID cards so students can purchase food and other items at the locations listed below. Flex dollars allow students to access a wider variety of food options, plus students can eat at locations all over campus!

Locations that accept flex dollars:

    • Crimson Corner at the Peterson Heritage Center
    • The Hive (closed for fall 2020)
    • The Honors Market in the Marriott Honors College
    • City Cafe in Kahlert Village
    • Miller Cafe in Lassonde Studios
    • Carolyn's Kitchen in Gardner Commons
    • The Union Food Court
    • Mom's Cafe & Mom's Pantry in the Marriott Library

Boost Mobile ordering App

Introducing boost, the new mobile ordering app for our campus! Download the app and order ahead at a variety of locations on campus. The boost app allows you to select a dining location, view the menu, and select a time to pick up your meal. You can check out with your campus card (UCard) meal plan! Available now for iOS and Android using the button below.

Boost Set-up Instructions
1. Download the app for iOS and Android using the link below.
2. Sign up using your UMail account
3. Set up your campus card with your UNID
4. Choose your location, add items to your cart, and check out!
5. Pick up your items by following the boost traffic arrows at all locations. boost pick-up areas will be marked with signage! (Reminder: If ordering ahead using boost, DO NOT tap in at the door of the PHC Dining Room or Urban Bytes at Kahlert Village)
6. Grab your order and head out to enjoy!

For questions about boost, please contact University of Utah Dining Services directly by phone at 801-581-7257 or by email at dining@utah.edu.

Download boost now

Boost Mobile App


Coming soon in the fall of 2022, Dining Services will be partnering with Starship to launch its innovative food delivery service, using autonomous personal delivery devices (PDDs). Starship’s service will operate during the opening hours of local campus dining services.

Customers can order and pay for food for delivery from the Starship app. Orders will be prepared and placed in the robot for delivery to an outdoor pin drop, provided by the customer.  The customer will open the locked delivery compartment with a code that is exclusive to that order. The Starship robot will return to select food service location for additional deliveries until service hours end.

  1. Download the "Starship Food Delivery" app from the App Store onto your mobile device.
  2. In the app, you’re presented with things to buy from U of U dining locations.
  3. Drop a pin on a map selecting where you want to receive your delivery.
  4. Once you’ve paid, a person at the store packs a robot with your order, and you can track your robot as it travels to you.
  5. Once the robot arrives, you get a notification to say it has arrived. You then use your phone to unlock the robot via the app.
  6. The robot then travels back to work on its next delivery!

For questions about Starship, please contact University of Utah Dining Services.

Starship Robot FAQ