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Do you remember your first day at college? The nerves, the excitement, the energy? Here at the University of Utah, many of our students’ first day will be moving on to campus. We want to make that day the very best experience possible and kick their year off right! Help us achieve that goal by signing up as a UCREW volunteer! As a volunteer, you are essential to the move-in process as you help students get situated in their home away from home. Potential tasks include unloading cars, moving items, directing traffic, and providing refreshments.

Move-in Week will occur on: TBA Fall 2023

Sign ups for UCREW start again Fall 2023!

Please note that new students are not able to sign up to participate in UCrew, as we want you to fully take in the move-in experience.


  • If you are a housing resident, you will be able to move in early (with no added cost).
      • UCrew volunteers will move in on (TBA Fall 2023). UCrew volunteers will receive additional instructions on signing up for a move-in date/time in July.
      • UCrew for students is open to returning students, faculty, staff, and student organization!
  • Move-in T-shirt