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The University of Utah is home to over 24,000 undergraduate students including over 1,110 international students! Staff are here to support the community in transitioning to campus and to the on-campus living experience. This includes helping students to navigate the campus and the Salt Lake City community, connecting students with other students on the floor, and planning events for the students.


support and resources for international students at the university of utah:

Your Resident Advisor is a key resource, they serve as a live-in mentor and can help address any concerns you may have about your community. In addition to your Resident Advisor, the Desk Assistant staff that work at the information desks in the Peterson Heritage Center, Marriott Honors Community, and Lassonde Studios are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. There are also several resource centers on campus that are here to support you.

Food from home: DINING ON CAMPUS

The change in food options can both be an exciting adventure and a disappointment when a student just wants food that they grew up with.  The Dining Services staff wants to support you.  If you have ideas on how we could integrate staple foods, sauces or condiments, please let them know.

Dining services works to provide healthy options.  Several years ago there were two items that were integrated into the menu from feedback provided by the students:

    • Congee during breakfast
    • A Wok station with fresh vegetables, rice, noodles, and protein options

Dining Services and Housing & Residential Education are here to support you and are glad that you chose to come to the U!

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