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November 1 Upper-division 2023-24 Housing Application Opens.
January 16 Upper-division LLC/TC and Traditional Housing application deadline.

Applications after this date will go directly to a housing waitlist. 

January 16 First-year 2023-24 Housing Application Opens.




If Under 18 You will need to have a guardian/parent name and email address to sign the agreement on your behalf to complete the housing application.
Materials Needed Your student ID number (u0000000)

Credit card information ready for any payments necessary

Fees 1. To apply for housing, students must pay a $130 one-time, non-refundable, application fee - paid in the portal during time of application.  The application will check to see if you've paid this application fee prior and will bypass this section.

2. When reserving a room, students are required to pay a $200 reservation fee  to secure your room.  The $200 reservation fee is required to be paid within three business days of selecting a room.  The reservation fee is counted towards the total cost of your room.

Note: If you receive an error page when trying to access "Housing U" through your CIS account, please contact our office and we can solve this issue for you. Send an email to info@housing.utah.edu with your name and UID indicating that you are unable to access the application because of the error page.
Admitted to the University of Utah

Students that have been admitted to the University of Utah may complete their online housing application, search for and reserve a room, match up with a roommate, and sign up for optional services through their Housing U account. Students may access Housing U by logging in to the Campus Information Services (CIS) website and selecting Housing U under the Student Housing section.

Minimum Credit Hour Requirement
  • Undergraduate students living on-campus through Housing & Residential Education are required to enroll in a minimum of 12-credit hours.
  • Graduate students living on-campus are required to enroll in a minimum of 6-credit hours. Prospective residents should make note of this requirement when applying for housing beginning January 16, 2023.
  • Summer housing is only open to students enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour in the Summer semester.
Minimum Credit Hours Appeal Process:

If exceptional or extenuating circumstances might keep a student from meeting the minimum credit hours requirement during their time on campus, an appeal can be submitted. These circumstances may include:

  • medical
  • financial hardship
  • expected graduation
  • other “unique and unusual” considerations

In order to live on campus with less than the required amount of credits, an exception must be granted. Please fill out the “Credit Hour Exemption Request” in Housing U. Students will be notified of their approval or denial via their UMail account.


For the 2023-2024 academic year housing application, students will be given a randomized reservation time if they submitted their housing application prior to the application deadline

  • January 16 for upper-division students
  • April 3 for first-year students interested in an LLC or TC
  • May 3 for first-year students interested in traditional housing

Students who submit an application anytime between the application opening and the deadline will receive a randomized reservation time.

Starting at this reservation time, students will be able to access the reservation portion of the application and reserve a room, if available.

Summer or spring semester only contracts will not require a reservation time for students to reserve an available room.

Students will be able to select an available room, choose a meal plan, and add optional services.



For students who have created roommate groups within the Housing application:

  • Students in a roommate group will be given the same reservation date and time.
  • Each student will need to log in at this time and reserve an available bed in the room they wish to live.
  • Students will need to confirm their room reservation by paying the $200 reservation fee in the application within 72 hours.

Students do not have to be paired with a roommate to reserve a room during their reservation time. The roommate matching tool in the application is based on what students selected in their profile questions earlier in the housing application.

Please Note: Housing & Residential Education does not match students to be roommates and does not assign students to rooms.

We have created this tutorial video that describes the process of creating a roommate group below.


Housing and meal plan charges are included on your tuition bill through University Income Accounting. To learn more about rates and your Housing account, visit our rates page.

For payments, please reach out to Income Accounting directly.



Complete the Living Learning Community (LLC) application and agreement

  1. Make sure to review the Living Learning and Theme communities you are interested in as some require a separate application to the partner.
  2. There is an earlier priority date for the application consideration for Living Learning and Theme Communities (March 10). We want to ensure students interested in these communities have an option to reserve prior to the start of the other residential communities.



Sample Under 18 Agreement

Sample Housing Agreement

This agreement is a copy of the agreement that students agree to in the housing application process for reference.

If you no longer intend to live on campus, please visit the Move Out page, paying particular attention to the Contract Cancellation information. In addition, if you are a newly admitted student and you will not be attending the University of Utah, please contact the HRE Office at info@housing.utah.edu or 801-587-2002. In addition, you will need to alert the Office of Admissions, follow the "Not Attending" link on the right hand side of the page and complete the survey.