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Housing & Residential Education is committed to making each resident feel welcomed and included in our campus communities, particularly through room options welcoming to all gender identities and expressions.


When you complete the housing application select the room gender that most accurately represents the space you would like to live in. Room selection/assignments are based on your choice. If you need to change your room gender; please call our office or send an email from your Umail account.

  • Female room gender houses female students
  • Male room gender houses male students
  • Gender Inclusive rooms connect others seeking a safe and supportive space for transgender, non-binary, and LGBTQIA students.


We recognize that many students may use a name different than their legal or birth certificate name and we know that using one name or the other may pose different safety concerns in certain circumstances.

The housing application will ask students to share their chosen and/or preferred first name. This will be shared with housing staff for use in housing-related communications, door decorations, and mail/package notifications. Note: to officially change your first or last name with the University visit the Office of the Registrar website.


Please note the circumstances in which housing staff will use each name:

Legal/Birth Certificate Name is used for all external communications, such as mailings sent to your home address.

Housing Application chosen and/or preferred first name is used in all internal communications, such as when HRE sends students an email, when you speak directly to Housing staff or when RAs make name tags to put on your door. Filling out your chosen and/or preferred first name is also important if you intend to request a mailbox with us, as we can only deliver mail and packages to you if the name on the mail matches what we have in our system.

The University of Utah has identified email as a formal means of communication.  HRE sends communications to the student’s Umail account and HRE also sends communications to the student’s personal email address as identified in the student’s Campus Information Systems page.


If you're experiencing a roommate conflict, your Resident Assistant (RA) is here to help. For additional support, you can also reach out to your Resident Director (RD). Find their contact information on our staff directory.