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Name Position Phone Email
Aho, Rachel Director of Housing 801-587-0725 raho@housing.utah.edu
Beach, Matthew Associate Director for Facilities 801-587-0852 mbeach@housing.utah.edu
Searching Assistant Director for Information Technology
Searching Resident Director: Sage Point 801-587-2952 Searching
Searching Resident Director: Kahlert Village 801-585-3753 Searching
Searching Graduate Assistant: Chapel Glen & Gateway Heights 801-587-2960 Searching
Breedon, Christopher Senior Occupancy Coordinator 801-587-0855 cbreedon@housing.utah.edu
Fuoco, Aniko Staffing Coordinator 801-587-0864 afuoco@housing.utah.edu
Gavnik, Tom Project Coordinator 801-213-0725 tgavnik@housing.utah.edu
Grube, Sean Executive Director of Housing & Residential Education 801-587-0851 sgrube@housing.utah.edu
Searching Area Coordinator: Educational Initiatives (RHA & SJAs), Benchmark Plaza & Shoreline Ridge 801-587-2954 Searching
Hache, Victoria Desk & Mailroom Coordinator: Lassonde Studios and Marriott Honors Community 801-585-5364 vhache@housing.utah.edu
Henninger, Stephen Assistant Director for Occupancy Management 801-587-0878 shenninger@housing.utah.edu
Searching IT Systems Manager 801-213-1117
Hsiao, Roger Data Information Coordinator 801-213-1118 rhsiao@housing.utah.edu
Hutchinson, Joshua Resident Director: RHA 801-587-2907 jhutchinson@housing.utah.edu
Jolley, Shannon Resident Outreach Coordinator 801-581-2687 sjolley@housing.utah.edu
Justesen, Todd Director for Residential Education 801-587-0881 tjustesen@housing.utah.edu
Searching Resident Director: Kahlert Village 801-585-5352 Searching
Lehman, Fenton Desk & Mailroom Coordinator: Peterson Heritage Center 801-587-0891 flehman@housing.utah.edu
Levine, Kirsten Assistant Director for Residential Education 801-587-9046 klevine@housing.utah.edu
Searching Resident Director: Chapel Glen & Gateway Heights 801-587-0820 Searching
Lopez, Rae Front Desk and Mailroom Coordinator: Kahlert Village 801-213-1495 mlopez@housing.utah.edu
Searching Resident Director: Social Justice Advocates 801-213-0949 Searching
Manwill, Kristi Associate Director of Conduct Management & Resident Outreach 801-587-9718 kmanwill@housing.utah.edu
Marino, Yolanda Assistant Director for Facilities: Custodial 801-587-0717 ymarino@housing.utah.edu
Mazzaferro, Anna Accounts Receivable Manager 801-587-2948 amazzaferro@housing.utah.edu
McGregor, Grace Communications & Assessment Coordinator 801-587-0716 gmcgregor@housing.utah.edu
Metcalf Murillo, Tammy HRE Administrative Assistant 801-587-0857 tmetcalfmurillo@housing.utah.edu
Mirabile, Carolynn Project Coordinator 801-587-0850 cmirabile@housing.utah.edu
Mitchell, Mar'Quis "Moon" Assistant Director for Resident Services 801-587-9191 mmitchell@housing.utah.edu
Searching Custodial Supervisor: Lassonde Studios, Marriott Honors Community, DTC 1&2 801-213-8708 Searching
Nguyen, Ana Associate Accountant for Payable 801-587-0862 anguyen@housing.utah.edu 
Nielsen, Dustin Assistant Director for Facilities Operations 801-213-1570 dnielsen@housing.utah.edu
Padilla, Duane Associate Director for Budget and Finance 801-587-0854 dpadilla@housing.utah.edu
Searching Resident Director: Lassonde Studios 801-213-8706 Searching
Searching Area Coordinator: Downtown Commons, U of U @ Block 44 & Kahlert Village 801-587-9066 Searching
Searching Associate Director, Resident Services 801-587-0840 Searching
Searching Resident Director: Sage Point 801-587-2949 Searching
Searching Resident Director: Marriott Honors Community & Officer's Circle 801-587-8442 Searching
Root, Naomi Graduate Assistant: MHC/OC 801-581-6404 nroot@housing.utah.edu
Ruiz, Patricia Custodial Supervisor 801-587-2912 pruiz@housing.utah.edu
Sandoval, Des Assistant Director for Communications & Assessment 801-587-0714 dsandoval@housing.utah.edu
Schreiner, Jenni Assistant Director for Residential Education 801-587-0860 jschreiner@housing.utah.edu
Scofield, Jo Assistant Director for Budget 801-213-0602 scofield@housing.utah.edu
Smith, Remy Access Coordinator 801-587-1051 rsmith@housing.utah.edu
Tanager, Laura Associate Director for Operations 801-587-8940  ltanager@housing.utah.edu
Taupa'u, Fa'amai Associate Director for Dining Services 801-213-0688 ftaupau@housing.utah.edu
Taylor, Nathon Resident Director: Benchmark Plaza & Shoreline Ridge 801-587-2936 ntaylor@housing.utah.edu
Tu, Brian Associate Director for Residential Education 801-587-0549 btu@housing.utah.edu
Searching Venue Manager 801-587-2908  Searching
Wiesenberg, Maraya Assignments Coordinator 801-587-0320 mwiesenberg@housing.utah.edu
Searching Area Coordinator: Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, and Sage Point 801-587-2910 Searching
Wilson, Heidi Warehouse Supervisor