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Living Learning Communities (LLC)

LLCs often help residents complete their general education requirements and make progress on their honors degree or choice of major by engaging community members in a required course.

Theme Communities (TC)

Deepen engagement with your community with a shared interest. TCs do not have a required course. Lassonde Studios and Impact & Prosperity Epicenter TCs require a supplemental application.

Students involved in LLC and TC have some added benefits:

  • Higher GPAs than students who do not live in an LLC or TC on average
  • Increased engagement with faculty and staff at the University of Utah
  • Make friends who share their interests faster than students who do not live in an LLC or TC

If you’re interested in being part of one of our amazing Living Learning Communities or Theme Communities, explore the menu on the right!

How to apply?

Make sure to review details and eligibility requirements for each community, as some require a separate application. LLC/TC have earlier priority dates for the application. If a student receives an offer for one or more LLC/TC, the student can only accept one offer.  Please see the application timeline for more details.


Person using machinery in Lassonde Studios Workshop