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Kahlert Village Heather Kahlert STEM Tower

Heather Kahlert STEM Tower


In today’s world—digital literacy is of upmost importance. The Heather Kahlert STEM Tower seeks to bring students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math [STEM] disciplines together under one roof to live and learn together. This community seeks to create opportunities for access for students who are traditionally marginalized in the STEM fields, including women and students of color. Whether you’re planning on pursuing a STEM major or have an interest in weaving technology into your future career goals, the Heather Kahlert STEM Tower is a great way for you to form community and deepen your engagement.


Who's Eligible: First-Year students interested in technology initiatives, with emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the Kahlert Village - Heather Kahlert STEM Tower is completed by Housing & Residential Education.

Associated Courses

No associated courses are needed.

How to Apply

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Housing & Residential Education
(801) 587-2002

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