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O.C. Tanner Humanities House

Officers Circle 612


If you’re enrolled in the College of Humanities, the O.C. Tanner Humanities House is an excellent Theme Community option for you. The Humanities House is for all Humanities majors, and residents receive a $1000 scholarship towards housing. If you live in the Humanities House, you will be part of a thriving community where the residents are committed to becoming better-informed, thoughtful world citizens. Often times, this comes through having faculty over for tea, participating in MUSE nights out, and meeting with the many guest speakers who come to campus.


Who's Eligible: First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students who are part of the College of Humanities
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the O.C. Tanner Humanities House is completed by the College of Humanities

Associated Courses

There are no associated courses for this community.

How to Apply

Complete your Housing U Application and a Supplemental Application.


Karen Marsh Schaeffer
(801) 581-6214

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