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Students do not have to be paired with a roommate to reserve a room during their reservation time. HRE prioritizes roommate groups. However, there is no guarantee roommate groups will be able to reserve in the same space. If you create a roommate group, your group will receive the same reservation window.

Students living on campus are not separated based on race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or ability. Housing & Residential Education does not match students to be roommates and does not assign students to rooms.

You have the opportunity to connect with other applicants in the same academic classification (First-Year, Upper-Division, and Graduate) and chosen room gender. The roommate matching tool in the Housing U portal, is available after a student receives and accepts their LLC offer.

Roommate Matching Tool in Housing U

For the 2024-2025 academic year, the Roommate Matching Tool in Housing U is available for first-year LLC & TC rooms from April 1 to April 14. For first-year traditional housing will be available from April 29-May 5. Within the tool, you will see a matching percentage with other students based on their answers to the eight profile questions in the application about lifestyle and roommate expectations (preferred bedtime, level of cleanliness, etc.). It is important to select answers that *most closely match* your preferences. You can update these at any time to change results in your roommate searches. A match of 50% or greater is considered a good match.

Next Steps

On April 17, students will be notified via UMail of their LLC & TC room selection time. Students will need to coordinate with their roommate(s) to select the room at their assigned time.

For traditional housing, students will select their rooms from May 13 to 17. If a student misses the deadline for First-Year application process (May 3), they will not be able to create a group nor select a room of their preference.


  1. In Housing U click on “Create Group”  
  2. Choose a roommate group name and create a password. Click “Create Group”  
  3. View your group and begin adding your preferred roommates in three different ways:  
    1. Search for roommates by profiles. Match percentages are based on answers to profile questions they selected in the application. Note: 50% is a great score!  
    2. Search for roommates by details. Use this option if you know the student you wish to room with. Search by Student ID, age, first name, and last name.  
    3. Share your group name and password with friends. Click “Join Group” in Housing U, enter the group name and password, and then check UMail for confirmation.  


  • Decide your preference for what building you want to live in and how many rooms or suitemates you’d like in your group.  
  • Let each other know LLC acceptance decisions.  

Important information to note:  

  • Students in a roommate group will be given the same reservation date and time as long as all roommates join the group by the deadline.  
  • Each student will need to log in at this time and reserve an available bed in the room they wish to live.  
  • Students can reserve away from their roommate group if desired—roommate groups will only make sure each person has the same selection time. Open rooms to fit the entire roommate group are not guaranteed.  
  • Students will need to confirm their room reservation by paying the $200 reservation fee in the application within 72 hours.  

If you want to meet other students also coming to the U check out Near Peer which is a peer-to-peer networking app designed to help admitted students meet peers. Download the app at Google Play or Apple Store. Once registered, you will be prompted to create a profile of interests and include as much personal information as you feel comfortable sharing. From there you can join groups based on their interests and make “connections” with other students.