The Best Guac Ever

I got this recipe when I visited Cancun over the summer, and it is BY FAR the best guacamole I’ve ever had in my life. I promise this won’t turn into a recipes blog, but it is nice to have a place to find easy, healthy party snacks… right?


Two avocados (fre sh avaca do)
One white onion (use purple onion if you want a lil sweeter taste)
One jalapeno
One bunch of cilantro
One lime
Two roma tomatoes


  1. Wash and dry all produce.
  2. Cut and peel your avocado. To do this, you’ll cut it lengthwise - and keep in mind that there is a pit that you CANNOT cut through. Cut around the pit, then twist the avocado apart. Use your knife to whack the avocado seed, twist it, pull it, and the seed should come out. Find a helpful video here
  3. Then, you can scoop the avocado insides out with a spoon, or you can cut it first as shown in the video above. Whichever you prefer. Put the insides in a bowl.
  4. Core and dice your tomatoes. You can slice them first and then cut out the middles if that’s easiest for you. The cores of the tomatoes will just make your guac watery.
  5. Trim the ends off the onion, cut it in half, and peel off the top layer. You don’t want to eat any of the outside papery layer of the onion. Then, dice one half. You’ll probably only need to use one half, but you can use however much you like.
  6. Chop your cilantro. If you want less intense cilantro flavor, you can peel the leaves off the stem and only use the leaves. You can use anywhere from 1-2 tbsp of chopped cilantro (or pretty much however much you want)
  7. Finely dice your jalapeno. This is SPICY so try to chop it up small!! If you want it less spicy, you can take out the core and seeds like you did for the tomato.
  8. Quarter your lime.
  9. Mash up your avocados. This is pretty easy with a fork. Do it until the avocado is mostly smooth. The smoother it is, the fewer chunks of avocado you’ll have.
  10. Mix in your diced tomato, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro with the avocado. It’s best not to smush the tomato… so do it gently. Mix it well. Then, squeeze in as much lime juice as you’d like! Mix it again, and then add salt and pepper. NO MORE THAN 1 TSP OF EACH!!! I once saw a man add a quarter cup of salt to a pot of pasta. Don’t be like him.