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Spice Up Your Studying

If you’re starting to get bored of your fall semester study spots, try these off-campus locations! Studying in the same spot can become boring or repetitive. I have found trying new locations can help make studying more motivating or even more productive. On campus there are a lot of great study spots, but Salt Lake City also offers an array of student-friendly cafes. Easy to access through free transportation using your UCard. try to go with a study group or some friends to make time pass quicker and make breaks more engaging.

Cafe Hopping

Salt Lake City has an array of coffee shops near campus that have tables, outlets, drinks, free Wi-Fi, snacks and sometimes free board games. All cafes are different so finding your favorite one can be hard. Keep reading to get an understanding of the different vibes and maybe try one out yourself!

Best During Warm Weather

Coffee Noir is just a short walk from President's Circle. Perfect for warm weather due to outdoor seating, shaded areas and a convenient proximity to campus. You'll need to put on some sunscreen and head out with a fully charged computer and portable chargers if wanting to sit outside. There are not too many outlets due to the outdoor seating; however, there is some seating inside with chargers if needed. During the fall and spring, it is such a good place to hang out outside and study.

Late Night Study

Salt Lake Coffee Break is the best for late nights. It’s open until 1a.m. every night, so they allow for students to work as long as possible. It is just a couple trax stops away from campus making it super accessible. There are plenty of outlets around the coffee shop and plenty of seating options. Even if there are no tables empty, people are super open to letting others sit at a table. There are available restrooms at this location, board games, magazines and restaurants close by.

Sunset Coffee, a little drive away from campus, is another late night coffee shop with a great view of the city, cheaper drinks, and heated outdoor seating. It is a great place to read, review, and write. There is both indoor and outdoor seating but allows enough options for either. If you go, definitely try the hot coco—It is amazing in my opinion. Even if it is chilly, I encourage you to bring a winter coat and sit outside in the heated area overlooking the city. Sunset Coffee is a little far from campus, but I definitely recommend going if you have a car or group of friends to go with.

Super Close by!

The Salt Lake Roasting Co, is the perfect space to engage with others, be around groups of people and enjoy some coffee inside. During colder days, if not wanting to walk too far or sit outdoors, Salt Lake Roasting Co is perfect for you. The TRAX goes right by it and so do certain bus routes. Here you can find lots of seating, chess boards, and social groups. Noise is normally at a medium level, definitely not a silent study spot but nice to hear others laugh and talk to each other.

Sugar House Coffee is about a 20-30 minute bus ride from the Union! Small shop area, but it is very welcoming, yummy, and cozy for studying. There are mostly group tables to encourage talking and socializing but to also allow more seating. Sugar House is a great area to hangout in even after studying, check out the vintage shops nearby or the Barnes and Noble down the street.


Under the Umbrella Bookstore is a welcoming environment to all. This shop in the downtown area offers small businesses to promote their work and people to find books that connect with them. In the back is a small area with tables and seating, a posting wall, and a cafe. Allowing others to connect in a safe space and quiet study. If you live downtown or want to get away from campus, go check them out!

Hopefully some of these coffee shop suggestions have inspired you to get out and study! Plan your trip if taking transportation, check the weather and always bring a snack if you’re trying to save some money! Overall, studying can be made fun, so get out and mix it up. 


Emma Koa
Outreach Housing Ambassador