Top Five Things to Do in Utah This Fall

Red background with two yellow leaves and text that reads "Top five fall activities in Utah"

1. Hike in Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon.  

Little Cottonwood Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon are by far some of my favorite canyons in Utah; they’re so beautiful! I may be biased, but I’m fully convinced Utah has the best fall colors. Go check out the colors for yourself and see the stunning mix of orange and yellow. You can spend the day hiking to Little Cottonwood Canyon by way of the Alta-Brighton Loop, a journey worth the effort; or take a shorter trail like The Silver Lake loop. Both will showcase nature’s fall hues.  

 2. Attend the lantern festival 

Go enjoy beautiful lights in the night sky at the Night Lights Lantern Festival on September 18. This is your chance to live a fairy-tail dream, so go grab a group of friends, a date, or classmate.  This really isn’t an opportunity you want to miss out on. Make sure to wear layers to keep you warm in the brisk fall air, and bring blankets and camping chairs to sit on while you enjoy the magical view.  

 3. Ride the Alpine Slides in Park City

Prepare for one of the longest slides in the world! Purchase your Alpine Slide tickets at the Park City Mountain Village base and then ride the ski lift up part of the mountain. In the fall, there are beautiful aspen trees that turn yellow, so your elevated view offers an excellent sight before the slide. You'll get off the ski lift part of the way up and walk to the top of the slides. Then comes the best part, you'll ride down with a huge smile on your face. The Alpine Slides in Park City cost $25 for adults, and it’s worth every cent! You can spend the day in Park City doing things like the scenic chair lifts, walking down Main Street, and attending the Park Silly Market on Sunday.  

 4. Visit Cross E. Ranch 

Cross E. Ranch, located in Salt Lake City, has a lot of fun fall activities including a hayride, a tractor pulled train, corn pit, and an amazing corn maze. Go to the corn maze with a big group of friends, split up into teams, and try to make it a competition and see who can get out the fastest. If you visit, be sure to pick up an apple cider donut; they are a delicious fall treat. The Ranch’s fall festival will run from September 17-October 30, 2021. Don’t miss out on this classic fall activity! 

 5. Go to Oktoberfest at Snowbird

Oktoberfest is one of the largest and most highly anticipated festivals in Utah! This festival is a family-friendly affair with lots of fun activities, good food, and so much more. It takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and runs through mid-October. Admission to Oktoberfest is free and parking is $10 a car.  

All in all, Utah is pretty cool, especially in the fall. There are so many fun activities to do throughout the year, but fall is a personal favorite time of year because of the nice weather and fun activities! I highly recommend taking part in one or more of these activities for some fall fun! 

Danitza Taveras
Outreach Housing Ambassador