Fun on Campus

Did you know that there’s a variety of fun activities to do on campus? Not only that, but they are extremely affordable to students! Don’t waste your time being bored, check out some fun options for you to explore.



The Union

The Union has several fun activities for students to do. Located on the second floor next to the food court, there is bowling, video games, pool tables, foosball, and much more. Grab some friends and have a fun night at the Union. Find out more information about recreational activities here.


Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Located near the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) is home to nearly 20,000 original works of art! Fun fact, The UMFA is the only institution in the region that collects, exhibits, interprets, and cares for an extensive collection of original artworks representing a diverse range of global cultures from the ancient to the contemporary. Admission into the Utah Museum of Fine Arts is free to students, just show your U card at the ticket desk.


Willard Marriott Library

Did you know that the library isn’t just for books? Well, you do now! Located on the second floor of the library, the Protospace has Lego stations, virtual reality, 3D printing, sewing machines, and more. If you need a ‘brain break’ head on over to the Protospace and have some fun!


Kahlert Village and Lassonde Studios

Our two newest residence halls on campus have quite a few options to cure boredom. In Lassonde studios, you can play some pool, piano and explore the creativity studios such as our woodshop and 3D printing. At Kahlert Village, you can head into our meditation room for some meditating, yoga, or just to have a quiet place to hang out. You can also take advantage of the music rooms, one equipped with a grand piano, pool tables and ping pong tables!


Student Life Center

Want some more active fun? Then the Student Life Center is the place to be. Chill in the hot tub or play some indoor water basketball at the Crimson Lagoon. Check out the Summit and go indoor bouldering/rock climbing. Not only that, but the Student Life Center offers classes such as stand-up paddle board yoga and group fitness.

Jillian Hoff

Outreach Housing Ambassador