Hidden Gems in Salt Lake City

New to Salt Lake City? Need something to do to give yourself a mental break? Or maybe you want to go explore downtown with some friends! Here are five hidden gems in Salt Lake City that you should visit!

Kilby Court

  • Are you a music lover? Well, you’re in luck! Kilby Court is a local concert venue located about 20 minutes off campus. Here you can catch a concert almost every night. The prices of tickets vary, but usually stay inexpensive. This venue has a lot of heart and soul and is a favorite among the local music scene. As someone who frequents Kilby Court, I can confidently say that this venue, no bigger than a two-car garage, is always a good time.

Tinker’s Cat Café

  • For all of the cat lovers out there, this one's for you! Tinker's Cat Cafe is a fun place to grab some coffee, hang out with friends and, of course, pet some cats! Make sure to make your reservations on their website!

9th and 9th

  • This vibrant street is home to many fun stores, restaurants, and coffee shops! 9th and 9th is a very popular spot amongst people living in the city, but it’s easy to miss. If you are looking to take cute pictures, explore eclectic shops, discover a new restaurant, or even have a self-care day, check out 9th and 9th! Make sure to take a photo with the whale statue and eat some gelato at Dolcetti.

Tracy Aviary

  • Located within Liberty Park, the Tracy Aviary is a year-round aviary and botanical garden. Here, you can see many different breeds of birds! It is a fun activity to do if you ever find yourself wandering around the park.

This Is The Place Heritage Park

  • This Is The Place Heritage Park is fun for everyone! Check it out to enjoy some beautiful views, learn some Utah history, go on a horseback ride tour, and much more.

Jillian Hoff

Outreach Housing Ambassador