Let’s Learn About Resources

Grey bars diagonally covering the center of a blurred out image of Lassonde Studios. Text reads Let's learn about resource #UAreHome2021

As our largest class of residents settle into campus, we want to empower you all to explore and learn about the resources at your disposal. Afterwards, explore campus for yourself, take selfies at the resources, and submit them to our #UAreHome2021 contest. Submissions must tag @uofuhousing and use the hashtag #UAreHome2021 to enter; all submissions are due September 3. Two grand prize winners will be chosen to receive a $50 gift card to the campus store, and several runners up will receive HRE swag items.

HRE Resources:

Front Desks: You can find a front desk in the Peterson Heritage Center, Marriott Honors Community, Kahlert Village, and Lassonde Studios. These desks offer resources like spare keys, games, or cleaning supplies, as well as a place to ask general housing questions. 

Equity Lounge and Living Room: The Equity Lounge is located in the basement of Benchmark Plaza 820, and the Living Room can be found on the first floor of Kahlert Village. Each of these spaces are staffed by social justice advocates and are great spaces to unwind and do homework or explore your own identity. 

Residence Hall Association: The RHA office is located on the second floor of the PHC and is home to the residential student government. All students that live on campus have the opportunity to participate in planning and enjoying great housing events. There are a number of boards residents can join like Salt Lake events, campus events, marketing, resident relations, or advocacy. 

Adobe Creative Commons: The Creative Commons, located on the first floor of Kahlert Village, is sponsored by Adobe and created to help students learn to use the Adobe Suite—which they get for free. Students can study individually or in groups, attend workshops, or just relax after school in this space.

Make Space: The Make Space, found in Lassonde Studios, is equipped with all the tools you need to create something new. The Make Space has a fully functional woodshop, metalworking equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, sticker printers, and poster printers. The Make Space also hosts workshops to create fun things with their tools and provide free training to learn how to use all of the available equipment. 

Campus Resources:

Resource Centers: The U has a number of resource centers designed to support students of all identities. Those centers serve students from identities such as LGBT, black, undocumented students, women, American Indians and so many more. These resource centers are located all across campus to help you find your community and get support in your education.

Counseling Center: The Counseling Center is located in the Student Services Building and is open to all U of U Students. They host a number of support groups and individual programs to help you in any way you need.

Marriott Library: Located west of Gardner Commons, the Marriott Library houses the writing center, knowledge commons, and all the services you need for academic success. Not only can you work on projects, study, or print there, you can also check out technology and get tech support for any of your devices. 

ASUU: The Associated Students at the University of Utah is the student government for Utah students. Located on the second floor of the union, ASUU has representative bodies, boards, and advocacy teams designed to help enhance the student experience. All students are encouraged to participate as part of the student body. 

Student Life Center: Located north of Kahlert Village the Eccles Student Life Center has a large lap pool, leisure pool, sports courts, and fitness equipment for all students. The Life Center offers fitness classes and intramural sports. The Center for Student Wellness and a branch of the University Federal Credit Union can also be found in the Student Life Center.

These are just some of the amazing resources found all across campus. Now that you know about these resources, start exploring and snapping selfies. Maybe you will be the winner of the #UAreHome2021 contest!

Sam Dalton
Outreach Housing Ambassador