Five Self-care Tips

three emoji faces; one sad, one apathetic, one mad. "Five self care tips"

We are going through a super stressful time right now, and many of us may feel like our lives are chaos. Between online classes, moving home and losing work, we all need some sense of structure in our lives. 

Here are five isolation self-care tips

  1. Make a regular sleep schedule. 

College students need between six and eight hours of sleep every night… but it’s okay to get more than that too. As long as you have a regular sleep schedule (say, between midnight and 8 a.m.) you might start to see some mental health benefits - and establishing a regular sleep schedule boosts your immune system! 


  1. Schedule time for class. 

Even though classes are online and may not need to be completed during regularly scheduled class time, you’ll get more done faster if you set a specific time aside for schoolwork. This goes two ways - you can also schedule time for relaxation! 


  1. Connect with family and friends, even virtually.

Being stuck at home with a small group of people WILL drive us all crazy, and talking to people over Facetime or Skype can help. 


  1. Stop listening to the news for a minute! 

The world is scary but as long as you’re complying with direction from the CDC and checking for updates every once in a while, there’s no point in constantly watching the news, scrolling through social media or reading newspapers on the pandemic. 


  1. Meditate.

There are some great apps that can walk you through a guided meditation. It can help relieve stress and anxiety in a healthy, easy way. 


You can find more information from the CDC here.  In addition, here are a few campus resources that can help: 

  • Call the University of Utah Crisis Line (801-587-3000)
  • Call the University of Utah Warm Line at (801-587-1055)