Single? That’s Okay!

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Nothing hurts more than seeing your milk with a date on Valentine’s Day and you don’t. 

"Somebody is gonna be spoiled on Valentine's Day" Feb 14 milk expiration date

Don’t fret! It’s okay to not have extravagant plans on the so called “day of love.” If you really love someone, shouldn’t that be expressed every day anyway? While I do not agree with love being reserved for February 14, it’s still fun to participate in festivities—and snag all the candies after Valentine’s Day. There is no written rule stating that you need to be in a relationship to have fun on Valentine’s Day. I’ve gone the majority of my life being single on Valentine’s Day and still look forward to it every year! Struggling to get through the season? Try out these ideas to help bring your spirits up! 

Make Everyone Your Valentine 

The reason why I like Valentine’s Day as a single person is because you can make everyone your valentine. Remember in elementary school when you would bring Valentines for your whole class? I enjoyed writing notes to everyone and then eating a bunch of candy! Why not still do that now? Send an anonymous Valentine gram or even greet your best friend through a cute note or text. 

Smell the Roses  

Roses and chocolate... the typical, generic gift, but you can never go wrong with either. I remember in junior high and high school, I would buy a bouquet of flowers from Sam’s Club the day before Valentine’s Day and hand them out to friends and strangers the next day. I love seeing them smile and blush, especially guy friends! How often do they get flowers? 

Watch a Movie 

There’s nothing that brings more comfort than a good rom-com movie. They’re predictable but still bring a roller coaster of emotions all within a 2-hour span. While I’m not one to rewatch movies often, I’d watch the movies below again any day.  

  • The Proposal 
  • While you Were Sleeping 
  • Clueless 
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 
  • 13 Going on 30 
  • 10 Things I Hate About You 
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 
  • Crazy Rich Asians 
  • La La Land 

Make a Neat Treat 

Make some of your favorite treats! Check out some of these recipes and add your own little Valentine rendition to them. 

Dance Like Nobody is Watching 

...except for maybe the dance instructor. Try a dance class! Go with friends or even go solo! Dance pushes you to express yourself, be present and let go of stress. There are many dance studios in Salt Lake County that offer a variety of classes. DF Dance Studio offers a Valentine’s class for couples and singles.  

Work for Some Extra Money 

Know any local families? Parents are probably wanting to go out for their Valentine’s Day date, but who will watch their kids? You can! Offer to babysit and make a little extra cash. 


Have fun this season! Spend it with yourself, your significant other, friends or family. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the couples; it’s for anyone who loves! 

Reann Flores
Outreach Housing Ambassador