The Most Useful Student Discounts in 2021

Most useful student discounts

Don’t Break the bank! Take advantage of you student discounts!

I’ll admit being a college student is not cheap. But, one of the many pros of being a college student is the discounts that are available to you! It’s always nice to save some money, so let’s learn about the best student discounts for college students!

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon is a college essential. It makes life so much easier by being able to get what you need in two days or less. And let’s face it, your mom can’t always send you care packages. Acquiring your own Amazon Prime account is one more step towards independent living. Prime can seem super expensive upon first glance, but Prime Student grants you six free months.After the free period, it costs $6.49 a month or $59 upfront for the full year. Personally, I’ve used it more times than I can count. I use it to purchase everything, from school supplies to groceries; it’s all on Amazon Prime!

Spotify + Hulu + Showtime

Being a college student just got so much better. Did you know you could get, Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime for just $4.99 a month. These three entertainment platforms packaged together offer an affordable way to stream music, television, and movies. One of my favorite parts of Spotify are all the personalized playlists! I’ve found some of my favorite songs and study playlists because of it. Purchasing these three platforms together for under $5 is a steal. To get the discount, enter your “” email address when you sign up through Spotify. This discount has saved me a ton of money already!

Apple Music

Okay, maybe you don’t care about Hulu and Showtime, and you just want to blast some One Direction or Kanye West. Totally understandable. Or, maybe you just prefer Apple platforms more. If that’s the case, you can get Apple Music for just $4.99/month. To get this discount, register with your “” email address.


AT&T offers discounts to students through the AT&T Signature Program. AT&T Wireless account owners with a qualifying wireless plan can get some account benefits like:

Monthly plan discounts
Waived activation or upgrade fees
Special accessory discounts.

These are all super helpful. Phone bills can be pretty pricey, especially on a college student budget so it’s super beneficial to be able to save money and get a discount every month on your phone service. Discounts can be up to 20% off your monthly bill.

Office 365

If you’re a student, you can get free access to Office 365 Education. This includes all the essentials including:

Microsoft teams

These programs are often used in classes, and I consider them essential tools. I use Word and Microsoft Teams nearly every day. It makes life so much easier for school projects and work communication. Take advantage of these discounts and utilize these resources.

Believe it or not, your UCard can actually get you discounts as well! You can use your UCard at local businesses. Some of the locations include:

15% off at Red Robin
10% off at The Pie Pizzeria
$7.99 for daily specials at any Costa Vida
Dinner for the price of lunch at Tucanos

That’s not all though! Your UCard will grant you many more useful discounts. Make sure to utilize all of your resources including your UCard!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Here’s where you will save big! Every single U of U student receives the entire Adobe Creative Cloud for free. The Co-Founder of Adobe attended The University of Utah and has gifted each student with the Adobe Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud has so many resources that you can use for personal, career, and educational purposes. You’ll definitely be using this software beyond school because of how universal it is. The entire Adobe Creative Cloud normally
costs Fifty-three dollars a month. So, this is an amazing deal. Saving money is ideal for everyone, especially when it comes to being a college student! Take advantage of these amazing deals and go save some money!

– Danitza Taveras, Outreach Housing Ambassador