What to do in the Student Life Center

The George S. Eccles Student Life Center is a state-of-the-art facility – opened in 2015. This building has all the necessities you might need including group fitness, personal training, indoor courts used for multiple sports, the crimson lagoon, and so much more. 

Crimson Lagoon is a 50-meter pool that is perfect for swimming laps, private swim lessons, or even group swim sessions! This spot also holds some fun programs and events for guests, members, and students. A few events that have taken place at the lagoon are Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) Yoga and Kayak Roll- these are great activities to do with friends. What is the best part, you may ask? All the gear that is needed for these events are provided by the University! 

Some more examples of facilities at the Student Life Center are:


The Summit has some great attributes to it like, a 54-foot climbing wall, a 13-foot bouldering wall, and a 28-foot transition ledge. There are clinics, climbing hours, events, and classes to teach you all about climbing. How much better can it get? 

High Courts

The High Courts are full size basketball courts that host gym events for basketball, and also include times for badminton and volleyball! There is a calendar for each week that shows the open times for each one of these sports. It is a great place to get active, spend time with friends, and meet new people.

Legacy Gym

The Legacy Gym has so many options as well. You can play soccer, volleyball, pickleball, table tennis, etc. You can even request to play other sports in this gym! Just like the High Courts, this is a great place to hang out with a big group and meet new people. 


The Core is an exercise facility focuses on high and low impact cardio. There are machines for anything you can think of, whether it is dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, and other lifting machines. This facility is a way to become more familiar with functional fitness, cardio, and weights, if you feel curious about exercising. 

Outdoor Activities

Are you interested in hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, and other outdoor activities? The Student Life Center is the place to be! If you are looking to try new activities like these, but do not have the gear for it, chances are the Student Life Center does. From water activities to snow activities, you can rent gear to do any sort of outdoor experience you would like. You can even take clinics, find trips and adventures, get help with planning trips, and even get discounts for ski tickets in the winter! How much better can that get?!

Getting involved at a new school might be intimidating, but being curious is the way to learn more about yourself and the environment around you. George S. Eccles Student Life Center will help you find the answers.

Makena Rhodes
Outreach Housing Ambassador