A Living Learning Community Experience

Image of a residence hall room with this text "A Living Learning Community Experience" on it.

Application season is among us, including housing applications! The first deadline to approach is March 10 for students interested in Living Learning Communities (LLC) or Themed communities (TC). To apply, log in to CIS and complete an application in Housing U. 

Students can apply for two types of housing in their application: LLCs/TCs or traditional housing. But, you may be asking yourself, “What is an LLC?” and “How could that impact my college experience?”  

Aarushi (she/her/hers), a resident in a first-year Honors College LLC cluster at Kahlert Village, describes her experience as a resident.  

Aarushi was awarded the Eccles Scholarship—requiring her to be placed in housing by the Honors College. Even before Aarushi was assigned to her housing, she knew she wanted to live in an LLC because “LLC’s have a lot of like-minded individuals that connect and collaborate with ease. However, even with like-mindedness, there is always a spectrum. People approach these communities with different outlooks.” 

As opposed to TCs, LLC residents may be required to take specific courses to live there. For Aarushi, she is required to take courses from the Honors College such as HONOR 2050 Ethics, Science & Wisdom, HONOR 3200 Research University, and HONOR 3418 Radical Quiet. Aarushi says, “Everyone who received the Eccles Scholarship and live in my cluster are enrolled in these classes with me. It’s really awesome because we get to discuss class topics when we’re all together in the common room and bounce ideas off each other.” LLCs aim to combine residence life with educational goals to deepen student engagement.  

"When it comes to collegiate projects or public benefit projects, a lot of us will come together to collaborate. I’ve learned a lot from the people around me,” Aarushi shares. 

Aside from school, Aarushi’s community finds ways to enjoy each other’s company beyond their similar classwork. She says, “There’s a kid named Brandon in our LLC. He started this club called “The Puzzle Hustlers”—a puzzle-making group. After each puzzle is complete, we glue it together and hang it up on the wall, so we have an entire wall full of puzzles that we worked on together! It has become a Kahlert Village phenomenon where people will come to our cluster and ask, ‘Are you guys the Puzzle Hustlers?’” 

Aarushi continues to explain how her community came together, “With not all of us directly choosing to live here, it is really diverse. We bounce off of each other a lot. We come with different political backgrounds and religions, and it’s not very often that you get to live with and learn from people from so many backgrounds who are unified in their differences.  My LLC feels “homey” because we’ve become so connected and recognize our mutual passion for obtaining an education.” With the unique experience of living in an LLC, students can get the most out of their campus life as a resident. 

Learn about our nearly 20 LLCs and TCs and find which community interests and suits you the most. Don’t forget to finish your housing application before our deadlines arrive! We hope to see you soon as one of our residents! 

To Apply: 

  1. Log into CIS and select "Student Homepage." 
  1. Click on the "Student Housing" tile. 
  1. Select “Housing & Residential Education" from the menu, then click "Housing U." 
  1. Click on the "Apply for Housing" tab and follow the instructions to begin a 2022 summer or 2022-2023 academic year application. 
  1. Submit your application and pay the application fee by the priority deadline to receive a reservation time. Note, the application fee for first-time residents only. 
  1. Reserve a room at your assigned reservation time!