A Themed Community Experience

LLCs/TCs are unique housing spaces designed to increase engagement around a learning goal or extracurricular interest.  From STEM, to gaming, to outdoor adventure, there are many themes that aim to support students in academic goals and personal interests.

I sat down with Aly (she/her/hers), a first-year student and a resident of the Stem and Engineering TCs at Kahlert Village, to talk about her experience of living in a TC.

When Aly applied to housing, she knew she wanted to live in either an LLC or a TC. “I wanted to be surrounded by people with similar interests and work ethics as me.” she stated. As an architecture student, Aly was surprised to have landed a room in the Engineering TC in Kahlert and was worried she wouldn’t fit in with the engineering students.

“I have always had a hard time putting myself out there and making friends in new situations.” She told me, “It was so surprising to me when I was able to make friends with my entire group within the first couple days of living in a TC.”

She spoke about how she’s had an amazing first semester because she lives around people who share the same interests as her and who she can get help from and return help to. Her suitemates help her read over essays and correct grammar mistakes; she likes to help them study for math.

“Everyone supports everyone and that has been really encouraging and beneficial.”

Aly loves spending her free time with her friends by watching movies, playing games and participating in other fun activities—all within the community spaces in her TC. You can often find her group of friends studying together and helping each other learn. “It’s the best decision I made about housing.”

Don’t forget to finish your housing application before our deadlines arrive. We hope to see you as one of our residents soon!


To Apply:

  1. Log into CIS and select “Student Homepage.”
  2. Click on the “Student Housing” tile.
  3. Select “Housing & Residential Education” from the menu, then click “Housing U.”
  4. Click on the “Apply for Housing” tab and follow the instructions to begin a 2022-2023 academic year application.
  5. Submit your application and pay the application fee by the priority deadline to receive a reservation time. Note, the application fee is for first-time residents only.
  6. Reserve a room at your assigned reservation time.



Virginia Barnard
Outreach Housing Ambassador