Spice up Your Winter Wardrobe!

Tired of plain sweaters and boring jeans? Here are some clothing must-haves to add a little flare to your style while also keeping warm.



My favorite article of clothing I own are my overalls! There are so many different styles, but my personal favorite is Carhartt’s loose fit overalls. You can pair these with sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts and much more. Not only that, but you can wear them all year round! Just switch up what type of shirt you pair them with depending on the weather.


Grandpa Sweater

Do you remember that oversized sweater your grandpa might have worn? Usually, it had a variety of patterns and different colors. In fact, it was probably ugly. Well, guess what? They’re in style now! Head over to your local thrift store and check out the sweater section. Grab anything that catches your eye and make a bold statement! Pair this sweater with some dark denim jeans or even a plain skirt!



Beanies are a must-have, especially when living in Utah. Not only do they keep your head warm, but they are a cute accessory to pair with any outfit. They’ll also save you from a bad hair day. My personal favorite beanies I own are from Carhartt and Autumn Headwear. There are so many kinds to choose from!


Fun Pants

Tired of your denim skinny jeans from middle school? Change it up by adding some baggy jeans and cargo pants! These pants are so easy to style and truly elevate any outfit. Dickies has durable, affordable pants with many different styles and colors to choose from. Levi’s are a bit more expensive, but they’ll last you a lifetime. Levi’s also have fleece lined jeans for those cold winter days on campus!



Always remember to dress for the weather. It gets pretty cold here in Utah and you do not want to freeze for a cute outfit. Need more inspiration? I recommend searching on Pinterest to find some visuals that may suit your interests and personal style. No matter what your style is, you look great!

Jillian Hoff

Outreach Housing Ambassador