On-campus Living—All About Community

Student with coffee and tea station in their room

“Oh no!” was Maria’s reaction when asked about her first day on campus. “I moved in early for Swoop Camp, and move-in day was on my birthday… so here I was, with this birthday cake my parents bought for me to share, and nobody to share my cake with!"

Maria is a senior who has lived on campus for her entire university experience. Adjusting to college life can be hard! It isn’t always easy to find a new community to connect with.

Maria did find friends on campus, and she said that some of her experiences could never have happened in another living situation. “My first year, I had a grilled cheese sandwich contest with the boys who lived across the hall. I totally won, but how many times can you just invite the people who live across from you to come over and have a grilled cheese bake-off?!”

By the way, Maria says the secret to cooking great grilled cheese sandwiches is to put a few shreds of cheese down in the pan first, put your bread (both slices) over the cheese, and then fill the inside of the sandwich with a larger amount of cheese that gets all gooey and delicious. Putting cheese on the outside of the bread gets that cheese crunchy, “Kind of like an asiago bagel,” Maria said. Tip: Make sure to do this in a non-stick pan!

Maria lived in the Marriott Honors Community for her first year, and she has lived in Officer’s Circle for the rest of her time at the University of Utah. She said that Officer’s Circle is the place she suggests residents come live if they intend to stay on campus for a few years. “The people here are always so respectful, and in our house, they’re actually clean! Cleanliness is a huge thing. The other thing I love about living in the house is that we build a community together, so I’m really able to become family with the people in the house, and I get to know my house-mate’s friends too!”

Maria’s biggest piece of advice for making campus your home is to give it as many homey touches as you can. For herself, that has meant moving a couch into her bedroom, bringing in a tea and coffee station (complete with Keurig, electric kettle, honey, and powder creamer), and filling her space with the books and artwork that she loves. Though, Maria admits, having a tea and coffee station has dubbed her the grandmother of the house.

Living on campus isn’t just for your first year. Staying for multiple years allows you to meet new people and make new friends every year, and you get to experience all campus life has to offer. On-campus living isn’t just about convenience; it’s about community. If you’re interested in living on campus, the priority deadline is coming up fast on April 1! For more info, check out the step-by-step instructions below or click here.

Apply today!

  1. Log into CIS
  2. Click on the “Student Housing” tile
  3. Select “Housing & Residential Education”
  4. Click on the “Housing U” option
  5. In Housing U, select “Apply for Housing”
  6. Select the “2020 Academic Year” application
  7. Complete the application and pay the application fee*

*Fee for first time applicants