Best Study Spots on Campus

Graphic with a piece of paper that says "Best study spots on campus. Find your go-to spot for midterm season." This graphic has paper clips, pens, and a ruler.

It’s officially midterms week. In preparation, you need to scout out and secure a great study space in order to conquer your tests!

Willard Marriott Library

Obviously, we couldn’t talk about study spaces without mentioning the campus staple, the Marriott Library. Everyone has their preferences, but the booths on the bottom floor take the gold. They’re so comfortable, so they make multi-hour study sessions go by quickly. A spot can be hard to find, so snatch up a booth and stay as long as you need. 

Kahlert Village Breakout Rooms 

One of the best parts about Kahlert Village is the breakout rooms! If you need to practice a presentation, some even have televisions you can connect your laptop to. If you need to brainstorm, solve a math problem, or even draw, you can utilize the dry erase boards. There are a few rooms scattered throughout the first floor and more in the Creative Commons by Adobe. These spaces are great for individual and group use, and they are perfect to get work done. 

The Neeleman Hangar 

Lassonde Studios is a unique space with so many study spotswhich is a great reason to live there. In addition to the amazing Miller Café and vibrant environment, the Neeleman Hangar on the first floor has a variety of tables and booths that anyone can use to study. There are many great resources at Lassonde like free printing, a woodshop, and private breakout rooms, so pick up your books, grab some food, and head to Lassonde to get some work done! 

David Eccles School of Business Student Lounge 

The Spencer Fox Eccles Building is open to everyone, not just business students. So, no matter your field of study, take advantage of the amazing building and resources! This building is known for its tall glass walls that allow natural light to flow in to refresh students in deep study sessions. The sixth-floor lounge is the place to go if you want to study with a viewwhich I recommend. All in all, this is one of my favorite spots, and I recommend switching up your go-to location and trying out this building. 

We all need to study, so make sure you find a spot suited to you. Midterms are stressful and can tire you out, but, on the bright side, midterms mean we are hitting the halfway mark of the semester. We got this! Try out one of these study locations and let us know what you think.

Danitza Taveras
Outreach Housing Ambassador