What’s On Your Mind?

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Every year, we go through cycles: it starts cold, turns warm, gets hot, and returns to cold just in time to start again. By this time of year, most of us are feeling some stress from school or anxiety in our personal lives, and, with the cold weather returning, we often start to feel worse. No matter how much we may love winter sports, snow, or warm drinks, we can all feel a little low sometimes.

As we prepare to enter that time of year, it's important to remember feeling that way is ok, it's normal and you're not alone. The best part of living in a community is that you are never alone especially when you need help. The best part of our community is that there are so many amazing resources to help you work through anything including struggles in class, roommate conflicts, and even family trouble. A good place to start is with your RA or Resident Director; they are there to connect you to resources and find the support you need. You can find your Resident Director here. If you feel like you need more in-depth support there are a number of campus offices here to help.

University Counseling Center
Room 426, Student Services Building

Women's Resource Center
Room 411, A. Ray Olpin University Union

24/7 Crisis Hotline

Mental Health First Responders (MH1)
Room 1330, STEM Wing, Kahlert VIllage

Crisis Counselor
Text 741741

Safe UT App
Download the app

If you are concerned about someone or want support for yourself, you can also consider submitting an incident report (IR). You can find the IR form on the homepage of the housing website here. It is easy to fill out and only takes a few minutes. You can fill out an IR for a number of things, below are just a few situations that might make it necessary.

  1. Bias Incident (an act of hostility motivated by prejudice, often identity-based).
  2. Policy Violation (you can refresh your knowledge of HRE policies here).
  3. Concerning behavior (an IR doesn't always have to be because something bad happened, never feel bad about checking in on your U crew).
  4. Discrimination
  5. Conduct Violation

Sometimes we need a little help from a friend to get the support we need, and that is okay. However, when you choose to seek out help remember HRE is always here to support you.

Lisa Olivera said,

“Just because no one else can heal, or do your inner work for you doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.



Incident Report Form Direct Link

Sam Dalton
Outreach Housing Ambassador