Campus Changes

So, you've lived on campus before and aren't sure what it will be like when you return. That sense of unknown is very valid so let's walk through a few things that are changing, and a few things staying the same.

So what’s new?

Face coverings - You’ll have to wear a mask anywhere that isn’t your private space, like your bedroom. So, make sure you have a couple and get used to them and wash them regularly. Safety is important, and we all need to do our part; that’s what being a community is all about.

Guests - We are all used to having our friends over in our rooms. While we won’t be able to have visitors in our spaces, that doesn’t mean you have to live in isolation. You will still be able to go pick up a meal with friends, go for walks or a hike, or even study together. Just be safe and remember the policies are there to protect everyone.

Socially distant layouts - We are so used to seeing the lobby of Lassonde full, every study room in the library packed, and the dining hall full of happy, hungry humans. But, it won’t be that way anymore, at least for a little while. It’ll be different, but everyone is working their best to make sure that you get as much support and access as you can.

Doors Over the last four months, HRE has been making safety and technology upgrades in all of our communities. When you move back in for the fall, you might see a few extra doors between outside and your room. Additionally, we are switching over from a swipe- to a tap-entry system, which is great news because your UCard won’t wear-out so quickly!

Dining While we are so excited to be adding the Urban Bytes Eatery in Kahlert Village to our list of dining hubs, we all know that right now, and for a while, food will look different. You will still have many on-campus options and ways to use your meal plan, but most will be to-go style. Make that a time to plan to see a buddy and walking down to the dining room together, but do it safely and responsibly. Don't forget your face covering.

I know those changes can be a bit overwhelming but let's also take some time to look at all the great things staying the same.

Our goal — We will always have a mission to support residents, create safe & engaging spaces where all students thrive, and find new and exciting ways to bring access to everyone. That won’t change; we are just going to have to innovate a bit.

Resources There are so many amazing resources that Housing and the University can provide! The Equity Lounge and Living Room, the Residence Hall Association, Creative Commons by Adobe, Dining Rooms, full-service front desks, and so much more.

Our residents We can’t wait to welcome you back this fall. You’re all the same amazing, brilliant students that you’ve always been, and now that we will be back together, things will feel a little better and hopefully a hint more normal.

Events We are finding smart, safe ways to host events that are traditions in Housing to help make sure this year is just as fun as any other. While we aren’t completely sure what those will look like right now, we are trying our best to make sure you still feel at home.

Our focus on learning — This year will obviously be different, but our passion for ensuring you get a quality education isn’t! So, if you need a study-buddy, ask! If you are nervous about a test or a class, talk to someone. If you need to figure something out, the U is still here for you.

While of course this wasn’t the plan we had in mind for any of our new students, we know it will be even harder for our returning ones knowing the great fun and traditions we have had in the past. However, don’t let that discourage you; make that a time to celebrate your memories and appreciate the opportunity for new ones. In 30 years, this will be the funny story that our kids call us old for telling.

Sam Dalton
Outreach Housing Ambassador