Honors Housing Options at the U

Image of Kahlert Village windows with text overlap that says"Honors Housing at the U"

Believe it or not, housing application season is upon us! With upper-division housing applications open now, we want to shed some light on our honors Living Learning Communities (LLC) on our campus. That is honors housing. If you are planning on being or are already a part of the honors college, this is the blog for you!

There are so many different on-campus housing options for both first-year, as well as upper-division honors students. For first-year honors students, those options include the Kahlert Village honors tower and the Sage Point honors floor. As a first-year honors student myself, I’ve had the opportunity to live in the brand-new honors tower in Kahlert Village. It has been such a rewarding experience getting to live with and get close to my peers who are also all in their first year in the honors college. Living in this LLC has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, develop meaningful friendships, and create relationships with my honors mentors/staff.

First-year students living in honors housing are expected to be actively involved with their specific honors LLC by being enrolled in HONOR 2049 (2 credit hours) in the fall semester and HONOR 2050 (1 credit hour) in the spring semester. Both of these classes are part of the honors CHARGE program, which aims to connect first-year honors students to faculty, peers, mentors, and opportunities within the honors college. Additionally, first-year honors students living in honors housing must also be enrolled in a different, 3 credit hour, honors class, in tandem with the CHARGE courses.

For upper-division honors students, housing options include the Marriott Honors Community or Officer's Circle. Similarly to first-years, upper-division students living in honors housing are expected to continue to actively pursue their honors degree by being enrolled in 6 credit hours of honors coursework per academic year, and be working on developing their thesis. No matter what year, every honors student has ample opportunity to be engaged with and enjoy their learning communities!

Hannah Anderson
Outreach Housing Ambassador