New year, new semester, new YOU!

Photo of two students holding a snowboard with a text overlay that reads "New Year, New Semester, New YOU!"

Welcome to spring semester 2024! Regardless if this is your first semester, or your last, the beginning of a new semester is the perfect time for self-reflection and the start of new habits. In this post we will explore different ways you can improve this semester and semesters to come! 


A new semester brings a new schedule, new classes, and a future finals week to stress about. Thankfully, there is still plenty of time before the stress sets in, but now is the time to begin forming study habits to help you further down the road.  

For me, last semester, I learned that no matter how much I love my bed, it is not a place to study. While the semester is young, now is the perfect time to scope out your favorite study spots. There are so many spaces around campus, you are bound to find one you like to study in! 

If you are looking for a place to start, try with the following spaces:  

If you like somewhere cozy... 

Try the lobby of the Marriott Honors Community. Here you can find a warm fire to sit in front of or couches to get comfortable for your long study sessions. You also have access to the Honors Market to provide snacks! 

If you like live music... 

Try the lobby of Lassonde Studios! In the lobby, you can find many different seating options, as well as a grand piano open to anyone who wants to play it. Oftentimes, students are found practicing —which provides wonderful live music for your studying.  

If you like peace and quiet... 

Try the Adobe Creative Commons, located in Kahlert Village. Adobe Creative Commons houses a unique space furnished with comfortable seating, private study rooms, and a computer lab to keep you productive. 


One thing that drags down students during the spring semester is the snow. Throughout January and February, it’s harder to participate in physical activity. One amazing amenity that campus has is our Student Life Center(SLC). The SLC is a perfect way to stay out of the snow but still participate in activities that get your body moving! For more information on what the SLC provides, please check out this blog post here (link here). 

Take Breaks 

While working hard is the best way to stay focused on your classes, sometimes a little break is needed. Throughout campus you can find different events with free food, fun activities, and chances to make new friends! Taking a moment to do something fun is a great way to give yourself a break so you can continue to work hard later! 

Spring semester is what you make it! Be sure to focus on your studies, but remember to be intentional and take some time to enjoy the fresh start!  

Virginia Barnard
Outreach Housing Ambassador