Join an RHA Board

As an on-campus resident, you are automatically a member of the U.’s Residence Hall Association (RHA), which gives you access to resources, programming and lots of involvement opportunities! This year, involvement is even more vital as we navigate what it looks like to participate in your community while also being safe. RHA creates opportunities for residents to participate in conferencing, develop leadership and business skills, explore passions, create events and advocate for their fellow community members.


RHA has five boards that campus residents can participate in.

Marketing & Outreach Board (MOB)

The Marketing & Outreach Board focuses on creating print and social media resources for RHA. We aim to develop more inclusive and diverse marketing, specifically starting with expanding the languages that we communicate in to reflect the most common languages spoken in the halls in addition to English! All interested residents are welcome to join the board; you don’t need knowledge or experience of the programs we use. As the face of RHA, we always want to be able to reach out and connect to residents on campus, which requires those resident' voices!

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Resident Relations Board (RRB)

The Resident Relations Board focuses on ensuring a good relationship between Housing and the residential population. We work to help you share your voice, concerns and experiences while representing your community. Resident Relations holds events throughout the year focused on gaining feedback and  increasing involvement from residents. Not only will you be able to explore what housing has to offer, you also will get the chance to connect with residents from every community. The Resident Relations Board needs representatives from every housing community. It aims to create a path for residents to create the change they want, and to create the residential experience they want.

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Salt Lake Events Board (SLEB)

The Salt Lake Events Board focuses on bringing University of Utah residents to exciting and unique Salt Lake City events. We strive to create unique experiences that all residents can participate in and ensures your time at the U is special. The Salt Lake Events Board searches for and plans events happening in Salt Lake City and takes residents to them. While in person events won’t be happening this year, we are determined to find creative ways to bring the vibrant Salt Lake community to all residents. 

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Campus Events Board (CEB)

The Campus Events Board focuses on creating exciting experiences for campus residents through a series of traditional and new programs every year. We work to create a sense of tradition with large scale events while also bringing a unique identity to each year with original and exciting new activities. The Campus Events Board operates much like SLEB by planning out events hosted for university residents on campus and creating opportunities to connect. While in person events won’t be happening, there are still lots of opportunities to create fun on campus activities this year!

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Advocacy Board (AB)

The Advocacy Board focuses on creating space and opportunities for residents to develop their skills in advocacy while also actively advocating for their communities. We believe that advocacy is vital to a good university experience and provides ample spaces and opportunities to bring that forward. The Advocacy Board operates in a similar way to RRB and is focused on ensuring your voice is heard.

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Residents can join as many of these boards as they want! To find out more information, fill out the interest form above, or check out the Get Involved page.

Sam Dalton
Outreach Housing Ambassador