A Letter to a Future Resident

During my time on campus, I have lived in both Heritage Commons and on lower campus with both first-year and upper-division students. With nearly two years under my belt, here is my best advice for future residents as they prepare to start their college journey. 


Dear Future Resident,

Living on campus has made my college experience so much better. I have made friends, found family and created memories that will never leave me. I wouldn’t be as engaged or excited about my future if it weren’t for living on campus. 

We have a unique experience when we live on campus. We are able to find our group with ease because you’re never far from them. You get the support of Housing through your RAs and Resident Directors who can help you navigate tricky situations, unfamiliar territory or just be there to get you on your feet. And, did you know, students who live on campus their first year of college have a higher graduation rate and GPA?

I’ve found there is something magical about living on campus. The chance to walk five minutes home after a long day, or just take a nap right after class isn’t something you get living off campus. It also comes with all of the amazing Housing events! Right from Move-in Day with Neighborhood Night giving you a bit more time with your family to settle down, or the move-in movie which was on the Rice Eccles Stadium field last year! Neighborhood Night is an especially great place to connect with old friends and make new ones. There are so many things for you to do and compete in with friends new and old! Most of these amazing events are put on by the Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHA is the largest student organization in the world and open to all residents on campus. My favorite aspect about being involved in RHA has been making some of my forever friends (the free food and movies don’t hurt either). You can get involved with RHA by joining a board and helping to create those awesome events, or you can just attend and get to know people. RHA hosts events every month, and they are always a blast. 

Getting involved is so easy when you live on campus. One of the first big events we participated in my first year was the Class of 2022 Block U photo. I had actually broken my arm about a week earlier. I was in this big, bulky cast, but my roommate and I went down to the stadium with all of our new friends. We got a t-shirt and headed onto the field. We learned the fight song, danced around, met swoop and then got ready to take pictures. With my cast on, it was a little hard to flash the U, but that didn’t stop me! The wave was sort of difficult as well, but you can bet I did it anyway. At the end of the pictures, we all had to run out of the U like it was exploding, and it's so fun to just hear everyone screaming and have people lose their shoes. It got me so pumped to be at the U. My friends and I still talk about that picture sometimes because of how cool it was to do. 

Living on campus has given me a strong passion to help others see how great it can be to live where you learn. It’s been a fantastic two years, and I look forward to sharing some memories with you when you arrive, as well.


If you get anything from this letter I hope it is this:

  • Get involved
  • Try new things
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Don’t forget to study!


Good luck next year and stay hydrated on Move-in Day!



A current resident