Social Justice and Inclusion

"Social Justice and Inclusion" written in black, red, and gray block letters

Within HRE, we strive to promote equity, diversity and inclusion on campus. Students and staff have the opportunity to advocate for social justice, provide support and progressively make change to better our societies in a variety of ways like being a Social Justice Advocate (SJA) or participating in community projects. As individuals and a department, we recognize social justice is an active and ongoing process in which we strive to be self-aware and create equitable environments. 

Part of this initiative includes educating ourselves and our community. It doesn’t take being in a major leadership position to stand for social justice and inclusion; it is practiced every day in how we act, speak and think–the way we commit to living our lives. Sometimes the first step is simply listening and understanding what problems exist or learn how to be more open.  


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Reann Flores
Outreach Housing Ambassador