What’s the Deal With the Booster?

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What’s the Deal with the Booster? 

Last year, I walked you all through my experience getting vaccinated. Now that I have also gone through the process of getting my booster, I wanted to share that experience as well. As a reminder, the University of Utah requires all students to be fully vaccinated against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR). With the full FDA approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the university also requires COVID-19 vaccination, including booster shots when recommended.  

Where did I go? 

This time, I went to a grocery store pharmacy. There are tons of different places you can get your booster, so I found a location with availability that fit my schedule. There are many different places you can go to get your booster shot off campus, if you’re looking for something closer to home, the university hosts weekly vaccine clinics as well.  

How did I sign up? 

The whole sign-up process took about 15 minutes. I visited the vaccine website, chose a location, and signed up for an appointment. When you’re signing up, be prepared to share some personal details about your previous vaccinations on the registration page. 

What was it like at the vaccination site? 

Since I went to a grocery store pharmacy, instead of a big site like last time, it was very different. The pharmacists had a few chairs set up behind a privacy wall, so I sat there, waited a few minutes, and then we got started. She asked me what previous reactions I had, explained that I could expect some side effects, and then administered the vaccine. Afterward, they asked me to wait for 15 minutes and monitor for any immediate reactions. Then, I was done!  

What were the side effects like? 

I was pleasantly surprised that the side effects were mild compared to my last shot. While my arm was still pretty sore, I experienced very minor nausea and dizziness, and a mild headache for two days. A runny nose and cough stuck around for a couple of extra days, but otherwise, I was fine about 36 hours after my shot.  

What are the benefits of getting your booster? 

The process is quick and easy, from leaving my residence hall to returning, I wasn’t even gone an hour. Now, I’m better able to protect myself and my community from infection while also feeling safer in the spaces that I live, work, and relax in.  

Sam Dalton
Outreach Housing Ambassador