Three Tips to Begin Skiing or Snowboarding as a Student

New to skiing or snowboarding? Here are some beginner tips!


Here at the University of Utah, we are fortunate to be located within an hour’s drive to seven ski resorts. If you are looking to hit the slopes but are clueless about where to start. You’re in luck! Speaking from experience, here are my tips on how to get into it.


Rent your gear


First things first, decide which sport you’d like to do. Once decided, I always suggest renting your gear for your first season. Ski and snowboarding gear can add up to a pricy total, so rent your gear while you test the waters. Sports Den, located about ten minutes from campus, is where I was able to rent skis, poles, and boots for the entire season. Their workers are very knowledgeable and will help you fit for equipment and answer any questions you have. If you are unsure about committing for a whole season, you can stop by Outdoor Adventures in the Student Life Center and rent gear for a day or weekend for a low price, just as long as you’re a U student.


Choose a destination


There are a few different ski/snowboarding passes you can purchase for access to resort(s). If you decide to purchase a pass, know where you want to go. I suggest buying the same pass as your friends, so you have people to carpool with-not to mention, everything is better with friends close by! The most popular passes purchased by U students are the Ikon and Epic passes. You can get student discounts for these passes through the One Love Club and Utah Freeskier Society. My first season of skiing, I decided to get the Park City Youth Pass, and loved it! If you do not want to get a season pass, you can get discounted day pass tickets to several resorts through Outdoor Adventures.


Practice, Practice, Practice


Everybody has a different experience when they begin skiing or snowboarding. It may come easier to others, but my best advice is to practice! Trust me, my first time skiing I thought it was awful. However, once I started to pick up on some skills and head up to the mountain often, I soon fell in love with it. Watch some videos on YouTube before hitting the mountain! Stomp It Tutorials is a great channel to learn some ski skills.


Winter sports are so much fun and if given the option to try one out, take that chance. Whether you decide to get into skiing or snowboarding or not, take advantage of the winter. Nothing beats a beautiful snowy day in Utah.

Jillian Hoff

Outreach Housing Ambassador