Bored? Try This!

A graphic with the title: Bored? Try This! A List of Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

Bored? Try this!

A list of fun things to do with your friends

Have you ever been sitting around on a weekend night with no plans and nothing to do? Well, that was me every Sunday night. I noticed my roommates were the same way. None of us wanted to go out or make plans because Monday loomed around the corner. That’s when we decided to get our friend group together and have some fun. If you are in the same situation, here are a list of things we’ve done that can make your Sunday nights much more fun!


Watch a movie

Movie nights are a really fun way to spend some time with friends! The best way to start a movie night is to run to the Honors Market or Miller Café to pick up movie snacks. My friend group always picks up two bags of popcorn and everyone picks a fun soda. The hardest part is picking the movie! Right now is a great time to watch holiday movies. Recently, my group decided to watch the first Avatar to get us ready for the new one coming out this month!


Play a Game

My group absolutely loves board games and card games. A simple game that can turn a boring night into an exciting one is Uno. We absolutely love holding Uno tournaments. Playing simple card games is also a fun way to meet people! My roommates playing out in a common area or leaving our door open so people can join us! If you don’t have any games to play, you can always check the front desk at Kahlert Village or Lassonde Studios to see what games they have to borrow!


PowerPoint night

 PowerPoint night was one of my favorite activity nights that my friend group held. Basically, everyone brings a PowerPoint they made, and they present it to the group. My presentation was on what I thought everyone’s spirit animal was. One of my friends did a presentation on his favorite video game. Another friend made a presentation to convince us all to watch his favorite show. This is a good way to get creative, laugh with friends and also get to know the people in your group a little better!


Just Dance

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than when we played Just Dance. For set up, we got a laptop and played YouTube videos of the dances. We then set up a large area to dance in one of the common areas and then we jumped right in! I completely recommend playing the dances that require two to four people. We had the most fun with the Tetris dance because it was so ridiculous. Another tip that I recommend is recording everyone dancing (with permission, of course). After we were all tired out from dancing, we watched all the videos of us dancing and we got another good laugh out of it.



Last on this list is baking! One weekend my group and I went shopping for ingredients, and then we made homemade cookies! We were able to use one of the community kitchens in Kahlert which ended up being amazing! After making the cookies, we had leftovers that we offered to anyone walking by. This resulted in us meeting more people and making new friends. You also get a delicious treat out of it, so I totally recommend!


Around finals week it’s important to take breaks and have a little fun here and there. Try spending some time with friends and take a little break to destress. I hope you are able to try some of these fun ideas and you come up with your own list of fun things to do! Good luck on finals and remember to have lots of fun!

Virginia Barnard
Outreach Housing Ambassador