Tips For Moving In: Spring Semester

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Tips For Moving In: Spring Semester

It’s finally spring semester. We have overcome what may have been the most difficult year of our lives. With the new year comes new resolutions, and maybe even a new room? In the following, we will discuss tips and tricks for moving into your residential space on campus this spring semester!

Preparing to move

There is no doubt that fall semester was rough. With classes being online, less in-person socializing, and further Covid-19 safety precautions, we all had to learn how to study and hang out while keeping each other safe. One thing I’ve noticed during fall semester is the importance of being comfortable in my space. Some items such as a fuzzy blanket (and more listed below) can be helpful when trying to study and work remotely.

Items to consider while packing:

  • Fuzzy blanket
  • String lights (+ command hooks!)
  • Snacks
  • Comfortable face-coverings
  • Hobbies (one of mine is drawing, so I’ve packed a sketchbook!)
  • Sturdy water bottle
When you get here

If you are simply coming back to the residential space you lived in during fall semester, moving in will be pretty easy. All you need to do is unload the items you are bringing back to campus and access your room with the same key you used before the break. Various logistics and requirements can be found here:

If you are moving to campus for the first time this academic year, we are excited to meet you! When you arrive, you should be able to pick up your key and rent a red cart at the front desk to help move your things into the space. Pick 2 relatives/friends to help you move in! Be sure that everyone in your group is wearing a face-covering, and that you are practicing social-distancing to keep the other residents safe. Before you move in, visit the link below that features all the information you need to have a successful move-in day.

After moving in

You may want to visit with friends who also live on campus after you move in for spring semester, but keep in mind the importance of Covid-19 regulations set by Housing & Residential Education. We want to keep each other safe while spending time together, so face-coverings are required when you aren’t in your room/apartment. When visiting with friends, you should not host residents in your room/apartment if they do not live in the space. Fellow HRE residents may hang out in main common spaces such as the Lassonde Studios Neeleman Hangar. If possible, it is also important to maintain 6 feet of distance between each other. By following HRE Covid-19 regulations, you protect other people from catching the virus and allowing for more face-to-face conversations. Would you rather be able to see your friends in person, or through video while they have to quarantine?

Tips for living on campus this spring
  • Plan out your meals. In the midst of Covid-19 regulations, most of the dining halls are open during limited time periods. By planning what time you will eat meals, you won’t need to worry if the dining hall of choice will be open or not. For more information about dining hours, check out the Dine On Campus website:
  • Pick a day to do your laundry and clean up your space. Now that we are spending extra time in our residential spaces, things can get messy! By having a designated clean-up day, your space is more likely to stay organized and fresh (which is important when focusing on homework!)
  • Try a new hobby! There are many resources on campus that can help you explore new activities. One of those is the Lassonde Studios Make Space, which is open to all University of Utah students. There are tools such as sewing machines, woodworking machines, a prototyping station, and many more. To find out about the Make Space hours and operations, visit the link:
  • Spend time outside! Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas have amazing hikes, photo-op locations, and outdoor activities. Take advantage of our free public transportation, and read more about how to use it in our blog:

As you prepare to live on campus this upcoming semester, be sure to check out the many resources that are available to students. We hope that this semester is successful for you, and are prepared to support residents in any way we can. You can find information about many different topics such as Covid-19 updates, residential building hours, resource links, and more on Housing & Residential Education’s website:

Sydney Myers
Outreach Housing Ambassador