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Being an HRE Coordinator at the U of U

Welcome!  This website is dedicated to helping potential HRE Live-In Staff candidates understand more about what being a coordinator is like at the University of Utah.

At HRE, the following positions are called HRE Coordinators: Resident Director, Residential Outreach Coordinator, and Residential Community Coordinator.  Here you'll find information about the ins and outs of the job, such as compensation and benefits, duty, and what professional staff housing looks like on campus.

We invite you to take a virtual campus tour and learn about our housing facilities. We're super excited you're here and can't wait to hopefully meet you somewhere down the line in the recruitment process!

The University of Utah Residential Education Team

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Message from the Associate Vice President

Dear Candidate, 

As you are searching for your next role, what do you hope to gain from the experience? Is it professional growth, budgeting, supervision, or something else? Whatever you’re looking for, I bet we can help you find it within Housing and Residential Education (HRE) at the University of Utah (the U). We’re serious about our work—as we seek to grow to 10,000 beds, we know we can positively affect the lives of our students by being innovative, efficient, and student-oriented. What you’ll find at the U, is that while we take our jobs seriously, we’re people-centered and approach our work with kindness and fun. I hope you’ll consider us as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

Joining the HRE team at the U means coming on board as the university pivots to become a residential campus with a vibrant neighborhood community for our students. I believe so strongly in the residential experience, and I could not be more excited to provide that opportunity to more students at the U. Adding 5,000 beds in five years is a monumental task—few universities have even considered this growth at this pace. It’s bold, it’s ambitious, and it is going to be incredible for our students. 

I began working at my residence hall front desk the day I moved onto campus my freshman year, and I’ve worked in housing ever since. Just like you, I know the power of living on campus and being part of a strong and vibrant community. Here at the U, we are poised to reframe the student experience with our unprecedented growth, and we need talented staff to help us achieve our outcomes, helping our students find their people, passions, and purpose. I hope you will consider joining us to do this important work. 

As we expand our team, we are looking for smart, kind, community-oriented professionals who want to help students belong and succeed. If this sounds fun to you, I hope you’ll consider applying for the role and join our team here at the U. 

Sean Grube
Associate Vice President 
Housing & Residential Education 


A place to call home 

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